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Jun 29, 2008 02:17 PM

Chinese Takeout: Center City

Any comments on City Garden vs Square on Square? Quality, portion size, delivery reliability? Are the egg rolld OK? Other places you might recommend? Any particular dish you might suggest from either place?

Family is coming the day after the 4th; many varied tastes--easiest way to go is takeout. Keep em all happy.Family is coming from two different directions, so I didn't want to have to pick up our dinners; takeout will work better.

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  1. I haven't been to either in a couple of years. City Garden was kind of boring. But that was balanced by their ability to reliably get you out the door in under 40 minutes during lunch.

    Square on Square is pretty good. If it was further from Chinatown, it would be one of the best around. The Mongolian Beef was a favorite, as was the Won Ton soup - won tons like the crystal won tons at Four Rivers. Good Shiu Mai, too. There was a good filet mignon dish, but I don't remember what it was called

    Probably the best delivery outside of Szechuan Tasty House

    1. There is a new place at 2102 Chestnut, that's run by the people who own Mandarin Garden. It's called A Mandarin Restaurant. 215-496-0828. Very good. Portions are good & the food is flavorful without being too salty. My fave at the moment is chicken with eggplant, but I plan on working my way through the menu. If you want something fun, they also have ice cream to take out: Red Bean, Green Tea, Mango or Ginger. They offer free delivery within 10 blocks.

      Square on Square is also good. Gotta love their Popcorn Chicken, but not as wide a menu as Mandarin.

      1. Square on Square is very good for Chinese delivery. I have never been too happy with City Garden, and in my opinion it might be one of the worst chinese places in Philly.

        1. We always considered City Garden our favorite of the standard Chinese restaurants in Center City. While it doesn't rank with the best in Chinatown (though many of the most highly recommended on CH in C'town are not Chinese), it is our favorite in its specific area. Four of us had dinner there on Christmas Eve and all were pleased with dinner. (We debated getting into the car and hoping for another parking space near Chinatown but played it safe.) But thanks for mentioning Square on Square. It will give us another option this coming Saturday.