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Jun 29, 2008 02:11 PM

Really good Afternoon Tea for all ages ! San Juan Capistrano

Enjoyed The Tea House on Los Rios in San Juan Capistrano very much.

Best scones. I think they brown their butter before mixing in batter. A fresh shortbread not too sweet or dry. And, heart-shaped ( ! )

Enjoyed the roasted rosemary chicken. The rosemary flavor infused the flesh of the cutlet. Simple chicken gravy (of corn starch?). Viable menu for all appetites (low tea or high tea), not just tea sandwiches and sweets. The tortollini salad with greens looked HUGE enough for 3 to 4 ladies. Home-style fresh and quality recipes. Each plate presented with edible flowers (even roses!) fresh from their private garden (organic).

The little ladies ordered "The Treehouse Tea" and their menu choice of juice or soft drink became a pot of herbal tea. Each choice of tea served in large individual pot, loose leaf, with cup strainer. Great selection. Each tea cup is unique (but some the same). Very cute and quaint affair.

We gals (ages 9 to 63) walked to the tea house in the historical district from the Mission San Juan Capistrano (after their Flower and Garden show and Lynn ChiChi's "Table Talk"), but there is parking close outside the tea house. Seating on four tops (or push tables together), private room, or patio seating. They even have racks of hats if you'd like to wear one (well, okay).

We are all excited to return soon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, kc! It sounds delightful!
    Can "real men" accompany their ladies (sounds a bit too frilly, perhaps . . ) ?

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    1. re: Joani Macaroni

      "Real Men" would ! IMO.
      The menu is accomodating for everyone's tastes and hunger levels.
      There were several husbands there, but I didn't see any men-only tables. LOL.
      The atmosphere is not all fussy and everything, but it is quality in a very interesting old house.
      One delightful quirk . . . there is an antique pedal organ in the ladies room!

      Note on service: Our party was placed in a separate room. Flowers on every table. And, one of our group is a little allergic to flowers (poor gal!). We asked if they would take all the flowers out of the room and open up a window. They did immedately and without a wince. Kudos !

      Just beware, MEN, when accompanying your love; there is a really cute giftshop up front.

      1. re: Joani Macaroni

        "Real Men" do enjoy the Tea House as long as they know in advance where they are going and practice drinking their tea w/ pinkies pointing outward; j/k. I went to the Tea House for my mom's birthday last year, and I enjoyed my meal thoroughly. And the last time I checked, I'm a dude ("THE Dude" or "El Duderino" for you Big Lebowski fans). IIRC, I had the English Pasti. The scones are the best I've ever had, and the spreads are great too.
        The atmosphere is very feminine and dainty, but so is my Grandma's house.
        If you are a "Real Man", you can easily put up with it to make your wife/mom/sister/grandma happy, and you'll get a good meal out of it too

      2. Thank you kc-girl and I Got Nothin - I will tote Hubby along with me, and come home and watch my Pride and Prejudice dvd !
        By the way, if you are ever in Manitou Springs, Colorado, there is a mansion (Miramount Castle Museum, 9 Capitol Hill Ave.) in town to take a tour of and they have a very delightful tea room. Hubby actually insisted on taking me to lunch there and so glad we did. Really nice. The house tour is something else, too.