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Jun 29, 2008 02:02 PM

Beef Carpaccio

I am looking for beef carpaccio in New Orleans. At a restaurant or a grocery store.

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  1. Try Cafe Grenada on South Carrollton

    1. Ristorante DaPiero has it on their menu. They are getting rave reviews as the best in the NOLA area even though they are in Kenner. I have yet to eat there, but it is on my short list to try next. Here is their website:

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      1. re: mtleahy

        Maximo's used to have great carpaccio...haven't been since they reopened

        1. re: noladude

          agreed; Maximo's had the best,, but it is not on their online menu. let's start a petition to get it back.

        2. re: mtleahy

          Da Piero rocks! It is often on local chefs' best list.

          1. re: mtleahy

            My half italian, half cajun, all palate, pal had the carpaccio at Da Piero and loved it. A great, oft over-looked restaurant that after one try became one of my favorites. To be fair, it is deep in the farthest reaches of Kenner, (River Town) so it is easy to miss.