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Jun 29, 2008 01:08 PM

Alpharetta, GA recommendations

I am a urban eats kind of person. My client always escort me to lunch and dinners. So, I have seen longhorn steakhouse, moes southwest grill, chilis, macroni & grille etc. Typical southerners. I am taking my wife out there and we are not into standard chains. Any recommendations on eclectic/ urban eats, bars/ hangout areas etc. We do not mind the drive, if we have to. I have been to sushi nami but thats about it.


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  1. Ray's Killer Creek on Mansell. Amazing. On the pricey side.

    1. PURE Taqueria is excellent. Relish, over in Roswell is one of my favorites. Ceviche nearby seems like it has quite the nightlife going. I only go there for lunch, but I love it. Canton Street in general has many great sit down resturants. If you don't mind pricey, Pastis there is also excellent. I also recommend Pan Asia over on Holcomb Bridge Road. I cannot recommend Veranda on Alpharetta Highway enough. We always go for their tapas lunch special on the weekends, but they do live Greek music and belly dance at night. I've posted more detailed information about many of these in my blog, if you care to look.

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        I agree, Pure is one of our favorites in Alpharetta. Also, I would recommend SmokeJack for BBQ. Good BBQ (not the best in the world, but good), good service and friendly. Also, we like Sage Woodfire Tavern on Haynes Bridge. North of Alpharetta on Hwy 9/St Francis Rd (across from Kroger and next door to a bank) there is a small Italian restaurant called Casa Nuova which is very good. Vinny's on Windward is good Italian, also. Vinny's and Pure are owned by the Sedgewick Group.

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          For BBQ, I prefer Swallow in the Hollow in Roswell, but Smokejack is very good as well. Spiced Right Ribhouse on Atlanta Street has the best cheesy hash browns in the area.