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Jun 29, 2008 12:56 PM

French Manor Inn, South Sterling PA

Has anyone stayed or eaten at this place? It seems to be one of the few options for this part of the Poconos.

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  1. I have been at two weddings at French Manor, though never stayed at the inn. I remember the food being good, but nothing stands out in my mind. Of course, the banquet for a wedding is a different experience than individual fine dining. I recall very elegant surroundings in the very middle of NO-Where

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      Ki Cakes, I think that there were some previous posts about French Manor Inn, but I'm not sure how recently. I was just up in the neighborhood with 2 kids under 4, so I didn't get to explore the local restaurants, but I had seen in my searches that people had liked Hazzard's Raintree right on 191. It's now owned by the chefs, but I don't know that anyone has reported since they took over ownership. They have a website with menu, but it won't come up easily on google. You may have to be patient looking for it. It looks like a lower-key place to try. If you're willing to travel a little, by the Claws & Paws, there's a decent BBQ place with tasty (though not necessarily ephemeral) pulled pork. Any port in a storm. There haven't been a whole lot of posts with real suggestions for the S. Sterling area, but there looked like a couple places worth trying out. Please report back if you find anything.