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Jun 29, 2008 12:50 PM

Colorado Foodie Spots


We are going on vacation to Colorado in just a few short days and will be visiting the Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs area for the first time! I was wondering what foodie things, besides restaurants, should we check out? For example, we enjoy specialty shops or unique food experience.

We are taking a tour of the Celestial Tea Seasonings factory and will be visiting Dubbel Dutch in Denver.

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  1. Hello,

    Our favorite spot in Colorado Springs has to be Poor Richard's on Tejon. It's kind of a dining-shopping experience, with 4 stores connected together. A deli/diner, a toy store, a coffee-wine-chocolate bar, and a bookstore. Eat and read and play and even listen to live music.

    There are also a couple of farmer's markets in town that have great produce, macaroons, coffee, and salsa for sale. One is in Bancroft Park right on the edge of "Old Colorado City" at the intersection of W Colorado & S 25 St every Saturday morning. There is a mid-week market in nearby Manitou Springs too, on Wednesdays at Soda Springs Park.

    As far as restaurants go... I live in Colorado Springs, and we have friends in Denver who often say they enjoy the flavor of the "local" restaurants in the Springs better than the chain restaurants in Denver. http://www.colorado-springs-vacation....

    Hope this helps. Have fun on your Colorado Foodies trip!


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      Well, now that's an unfair comparison. Why don't you try comparing local Denver restaurants against local Colorado Springs restaurants? Denver has a lot of great eateries. if your friends haven't tried them they need to get out and explore.

      I agree that touring and enjoying some Colorado microbreweries is fantastic. Boulder has an incredible farmer's market on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Peppercorn is my favorite kitchen/foodie shop and is fun to wander through.

    2. If you're looking for something sort of CO-specific, you might want to see if you can tour one of the downtown microbreweries or Front Range wineries...

      1. When you are in Boulder, don't miss Peppercorn on the Pearl Street Mall. Fantastic housewares, tabletop items, cooking and baking implements, fine china and glassware, coffees, condiments, packaged imports, gadgets galore, cookbooks, cookbooks, cookbooks.

        Sparrow Hawk in downtown Colorado Springs is good -- but not AS good as Peppercorn.

        The Boulder Farmers' Market is one of the biggest and best in the state, Saturday, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

        1. You can tour the Haystack Mountain goat dairy a couple of days a week.

          As for all the "chain restaurants" in Denver, I live in Denver, eat out a lot, and never eat at chains (unless we count occasional lunches at Chipotle and the Spicy Pickle).