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Jun 29, 2008 12:37 PM

5 Days in Toronto, where to eat?

I'm going on vacation with my parents for 5 days. What are some must eat restaurants in Toronto?

They love good seafood and italian...not sure what else to say. Budget would be less than $30 a plate, preferably less than $20.


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  1. Where are you staying? You'll do much better with a search than random replies, so much of this stuff has been gone over ad nauseum.

    One trick I use is to open up Chowhound in one browser, and Google Maps in the other. From there, find your hotel, and then use chowhound to go over the restaurants you thought were a fit, and mark them off with little pegs. Then when you visit Toronto, you'll have a great custom made resource that perfectly suits your needs.

    Also one word of advice.. Think about other cuisines! Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, so perhaps think about stepping out of your comfort zone to try some more "exotic" things that may not be so great where you live. Indian, thai, japanese, greek, middle eastern, etc etc.

    Only thing Toronto doesn't really have is great Mexican food.. Although there's some fantastic tacos to be found at the back of La Perola's supermarket in Kensington Market... But uhhh.. It's in the back of a tiny store, and you can only stand really... hehe :)

    1. Agree with Socks that if you did some preliminary research and set a few more parameters (i.e. geographic) you would get more replies.

      In addition to chowhound, and are good resources for Toronto resto (although none are interactive so none as great as CH!) .

      As for your original requests:
      Italian: Terroni, L'Unita and Gio Rana's should all be within your budget. All are casual, fun, good food and avoid being at all generic or chain-like (although Terroni is actually a local resto with several outposts). Note that all three of these selects are in different parts of the city, if you're touring about.

      Seafood: tougher within your budget (plus, Toronto is land-locked so just not the best for fresh seafood) - although you might want to clarify your budgetary considerations as well... Starfish is excellent but only maybe within budget (entrees are mostly under $30, but if you meant $30 per head you could not do dinner for 3 at Starfish for under $100). Same goes for Rodney's Oyster House (a fun spot!). Chippy's for fish and chips is definitely within budget.

      1. Get them a good shawarma

        1. Or check out that Caplansky's , it's getting favorable reviews and I wouldn't imagine theres anything like it elsewhere unless you're from Montreal

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            Try a lunch at Penrose Fish and Chips!!
            They close at 7 pm and at this time of year I would phone first because they close up for vacation for a few weeks.

          2. I really love a casual Italian place that not many people know about. It's at King and Sherbourne across the street from the Sun building and it's called Mangia e Bevi. It's really authentic and a good price. They have fantastic thin crust pizzas, a few pastas, and yummy desserts. All of the pizzas are good, but if you like meat, have anything with sausage on it. I think it's homemade. As for pasta, have the ragu. And for dessert, the tiramisu is amazing and they have little chocolate covered ice cream bites called Bacelli (sp?). Here;s their site: They're open every day for lunch and dinner and lunch only on Saturday.

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              I forgot to say, the entrance is really hard to find. The door is actually on Ontario Street on the west side. There's a little black awning. Go up one flight to get to the restaurant.