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Meritage Scarsdale NY

anyone been recently please? comments ?

today theres a write up nytimes.com thanks

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  1. I've been going there for several years and very much like their food. Their chef/owner is always on top of his kitchen. I think he's a CIA graduate.
    Lots of classic dishes with new twists.
    Very unassuming place - in a strip mall kind of place.
    Didn't see the review - I'll have to check it out.

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      several years?? didnt the place just open up within the last year?? strip mall kind of place, yes Il cigno had been there for quite some time...you sure we;re talking about the same place?? thanks

      1. re: intrepid

        I highly recommend this restaurant. The homemade pastas are some of the best I have ever had. The food is always flavorful and the chef continues to keep getting better!! Great ambiance and definitely a restaurant to become a local favorite.

        1. re: southern hospitality

          This week's Westchester section of the NY Times gives it a "very good."

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            yes i know..i am not a fan of newspapers, or magazines, or zagats or etc etc

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              Just left there a half hour ago. The pasta, tagliatelle bolognese, that I had was one of the best. Te salad was good and the dessert of lemon pound cake shared with another with the sorbet sampler was the perfect ending. Service was overly pleasant and good. I have not been there since it was Il Cigno which was good and I must say they have gone up a notch. I highly applaud this place and I will definitely go back. It is not fancy. It is low key casual with very nice decor and very good food.

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          The current owners took over about 4 years ago, and changed the name from Il Cigno to Meritage after about 6-8 months. Interior was renovated, bar became more dinner-friendly, and the menu evolved from Italian to New American, but still with several pasta dishes and some old favorites. In the interest of full disclosure the chef/owner is my son, so the purpose of this post is just to get some facts out there. I'll let the rest of you, who are less biased, comment on the place, but so far I think most of you have been pretty accurate. Definitely worth a visit, if you'll allow me a plug.

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            cool post maynard..buona fortuna

      2. We recently went to Meritage for my husband's birthday. We had an excellent meal and excellent service. The little plates are great and we have the mozz and the roasted peppers. I had the fish which was lovely and my husband had the lamb preparation of the day. I think it was braised. It was all very delicious. Definitely someplace I would go back to.

        1. This place has won me over. I went there a few times and left with just an OK taste in my mouth and a huge hole in my wallet.

          However, a business associate of mine was visiting Scarsdale and when the Eastchester Fish Gourmet was closed (Monday..lunch) I opted for Meritage. It was excellent. I'll try it again for dinner.

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            website says they are not open for lunch on mondays......how long ago was this?

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              So, I'm a year behind. I actually meant Moscato, not Meritage.


          2. Glad the chef's papa got everyone together here.
            The food is amazing.
            Sometimes reviews can get it wrong but not in this case.
            I've never been disappointed.
            Try it. You'll like it.
            We didn't think the prices were crazy for the area and portions are generous.

            1. We went early this evening and liked Meritage quite a bit. We started out with some small plates-- roasted peppers, chicken liver crostini and grilled fennel-- all very tasty. Then, husband had the pan roasted chicken and I had the halibut with clams and tomato fennel broth. Both were delicious, and the portions were generous. The service was friendly and professional. The meal was well-paced. For all of this food and a moderately-priced bottle of wine, a cappuccino and a coffee, the bill came to $125 before tip. Not bad at all, considering the quality of the food. We also liked that the tables were well-spaced and you could hear yourself talk.

              We will definitely be back.

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                agreed, we also went recently, enjoyed it for the same reasons you have listed,

              2. A few weeks ago, my husband and I had dinner at Meritage with some friends. We started with some small plates: Marinated Artichokes, Prosciutto and Gruyere Panino, Hummus and Pita Chips (we wanted smoked salmon crostini, but they were out of it), and Buffalo Mozzarella Boconcini. All really good, particularly the Panino.

                Then I had the Tagliatelle Bolognese, as did one of our friends, my husband had a pasta special (which I can't recall right now) and the other friend had the Taglietelle Boscaiola (mushroom something or other).

                For dessert, my husband and I shared the chocolate bread pudding, and the other couple shared the same thing.

                I must say, the food was excellent. Very fresh, tasty, generous portions of pasta. Just good all around including service. One of our friends was minorly put off by the somewhat serene atmosphere and the fact that the place was relatively empty at 8:00 on a Friday night, but it was the last week of summer and many people do go away. I wouldn't say that the place has the most exciting "vibe" around (we were probably the youngest people there -- and we're all 40ish), but if its good food and a pleasant atmosphere you want, Meritage has it.

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                  >>One of our friends was minorly put off by the somewhat serene atmosphere

                  Really? That sounds perfect to me.

                  Thanks, it's on my 'must try' list.

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                    We took our in laws there a little while back on a Saturday evening. The food was very good but there was no atmosphere. All the other tables were OLDER than my in laws!!! The place was beyond serene.

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                      Yeah, it was definitely a rather "mature" crowd (not that there's anything wrong with it!). Our friend kept trying to convince her husband that it was the end-of-summer thing, but it seems that the place just attracts an older clientele. It didn't bother me so much and, again, we did have a good dinner.

                      1. re: valerie

                        years ago, before the current owners took over, the restaurant was known as il cigno. it was a very traditional italian restaurant, with a very old crowd. some of that heritage still lingers. but if you want good food for reasonable prices, this is a great place. if you want excitement, go to white plains and pay more for less.

                          1. re: raider

                            It is also possible, because of the "serenity", to hold an actual conversation with your tablemate(s).

                            1. re: Westjanie

                              Meritage is everything you all said it was.

                              Excellent, excellent food. The buffalo mozzarella in the 'small plate' was the best I've ever had.

                              Portions are not huge, one would be hard put to just have two appetizers here. But four appetizers and two half portions of the pasta was plenty for two, along with a dessert each.

                              The wine was an okay pour -- more than Equus, less than Spadaro. A bottle would have been cheaper.

                              The atmosphere was perfect, very New York-ish. The place wasn't packed on a Tuesday, and I would have liked to seen it so.

                              Tony our server was impeccable in his service.

                              Prices were quite good without the wine. With the wine and tip, it was approx. $75. a person.

                              I highly recommend Meritage for a special occasion.

                              1. re: dolores

                                tony is a holdover from il cigno, and a real asset for the restaurant.

                                1. re: raider

                                  Friday night update.
                                  We were able to get the last table at 7:30pm. The place only gets better with each visit. Jamie and Chris have done a wonderful job in changing the entire atmoshpire since taking over from Steve of IL Cigno days (about four years).
                                  the room is small and the tables are close but you really don't hear the other table conversations. The lighting has been toned down to make the room have a very warm feeling ( Most weekend nights Chris and Jamie parents are dinning at the bar which only adds to the warm family and community feeling). During the week, one of the middle tables is set up with flowers and Chris' cheese offerings. Tony as well as one of the cooks are the only hold overs from IL Cigno. Last night, the dinners ranged from the older crowd to a table of teenager girls with a parent.; didn't even hear or notice the large table in the back of the room The place was hoping (one of the reasons could be is that Bakals closed up the street).
                                  The cocktails are just fine and the wine list continues to grow in sophistication and selections (I continue to dream about IL Cigno's great Italian list which was not acquired on the change over).
                                  We had two of the small plate starters, the roasted peppers and the salamon tartare; very good.
                                  The better half had the Taglietelle Boscaiola while I had the veal milanese with the argula salad topping. The only disappointment was the coffee ice cream special for dessert. We certainly enjoyed the evening.