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Jun 29, 2008 12:10 PM

Cupcakes in Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton?

Anyone know of good shops/cafes selling fabulous cupcakes in the Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton areas (not Miami though). Many thanks!

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  1. I just noticed a sign that there is a cupcake place coming...E. Las Olas Blvd on the block just west of 15th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale.

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    1. Check out We Take The Cake its in Fort Lauderdale, they might

      1. I will be in the area for a month over the summer from the UK and really want to go to a lovely cafe (not Starbucks etc..), sit down have a good cup of tea and a really yummie cupcake. I don't want a home delivery box of cupcakes! Is there anyone out there that can recommend a special place to go? Many thanks, Janette

        1. Don't know about cupcakes...but when I was growing up in Jericho on Long Island, there was a to-die-for bakery called Flakowitz. They moved to Boca at least 20 years ago. Don't know if they're still in existence...but they made a little chocolate and cream cake called a Peak Cake, and ohhhhhhh I still salivate thinking about that cake so many years later.

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            Manderley - The Flakowitz in Boca was sold by the original owners a few years ago.

            1. re: RickL

              I live in Boca and oh how I wish we had a cupcake cafe!!!

              1. re: melboca

                I'm amazed there isn't one in Boca! A nice cup of tea (well I'm British) and a cupcake or two hits the spot nicely everytime.

                1. re: Janette

                  Janette, I could kill for a fresh Chelsea bun or a jammy doughnut.

              2. re: RickL

                ohhhhhhhhhhh you mean I'll never in my life have another Peak Cake????

                I don't know if I can go on.....

                ;) thanks for the info

                1. re: Manderley

                  A new cupcake place opened in West Boca called What a Cupcake! It's on 441 between Glades & Clint Moore on the west side.

                  I bought six flavors, red velvet, boston creme, keylime/coconut, mounds, fresh strawberry and vanilla. I took a bit out of each of them, lol. They are sooo moist and delish. My favorite was the keylime one.

                  1. re: melboca

                    Must be somewhere between Ben's and the big Albertsons. I am going out to Florida in a couple of weeks and will try it. Many thanks!

                    1. re: Janette

                      Janette: It is in the shopping plaza North of Albertsons. At the corner of New England. There is an Outback in the plaza. On the west side of 441.

                        1. re: melboca

                          I was in Boca the other day andthought I was in the right shopping plaza but couldn't see What a Cupcake. I was driving up from Mission Bell along State Road 7. Turned left into what I thought was Boca Greens Plaza (on the other side but before Ben's). Was I in the right place or have they gone out of business?

                      1. re: melboca

                        What A Cupcake appears to be out of business.

                        1. re: aynrandgirl

                          correction, the Wellington location is closed. I just called the Boca location. THEY ARE STILL OPEN.

                          Not to be nasty, but please be specific as your posting sounded like the Boca location closed and that ain't a good thing to do to a business.

                          1. re: jmdhsmiami

                            I drove by the Boca location and didn't see a store or a What A Cupcake sign, so I thought they were closed.

                            1. re: aynrandgirl

                              no worries, however all it took was a phone call to verify it.

                        2. re: melboca

                          I did go and look for What A Cupcake but I think it has closed down!

                        3. re: Manderley

                          Flakowitz may be under new ownership, but it's still there. I can't offer a review as I haven't been, but I don't think it's changed much.

                          1. re: Manderley

                            Hello! I found this blog through google and was so pleased to finally put a name to the cupcake I have been searching for well over a year and a half! Long story short, my boyfriend and I have been on a quest to find these cupcakes, every time we visit South Florida, which he originally had at the Flakowitz in Boca Raton years ago... we've been to the new Flakowitzes and tried to track down the original owners/bakers.... since the new owners/management do not make them anymore. I've tried several recipes for "Hi Hat cupcakes" (topped with Italian Meringue/Marshmallow like filling) and "Bumpy Cakes" (topped with a very rich buttercream) but he says although they look just like this cupcake... aren't it. He doesn't cook. He isn't a foodie. So, he is unable to describe the filling to me in a way I can try to best replicate it. I'm pretty sure the chocolate coating is a dark chocolate ganache as opposed a pourable fudge frosting and have several good rich chocolate cupcake/base recipes. However, the swirl on top/filling eludes me. Can you help? Were there any other bakeries in Jericho that produced anything similar? Any information you can provide that might help me try to make a reasonable copy of the Peak Cakes would be appreciated and I'd be happy to share anything I find out. Many thanks!

                            1. re: lilbett1991

                              Hi Illbetti, I'm also from Jericho, and the Flakowitz legend has had such powerful resonance for everyone! (Mine is the cheese danish).
                              Far as I can tell, the BOCA Flakowitz - which I haven't been to - has split from the original owners (it might have been one of the sons? Maybe it was sold on?) but the original bakery - and pretty much all the original cakes - are still at the Boynton Beach branch, on Boynton Beach Blvd.

                              Weirdly, my parents (now, sadly, just my mom) moved to a home that has a mirror image - exact - journey from where we lived in Jericho. So when we come from London, I shop there during the visit, then on the last day, stock up for the ride home. I've discovered that if I freeze the pastries first they won't crush in baggage hold.

                              Hope this helps. Now I'm so curious which you mean. On our last visit in February, I bought two different chocolate cakes for my mom's friend's birthday party - one of the ORIGINAL guys who worked in Jericho, swore his cake was better. I think one was a black forest.. but I think I know the topping you mean. It's dark, and hard, like a ganache. You can shatter it.

                              Please let me know if you find it. And tell the old guys there, they'll love the story! I once said 'these danish taste just how I remember in childhood' and the guy said 'it should: it's still made with the same hands.'

                              1. re: jc23blue

                                Good morning!

                                My former boyfriend and I... now husband... still have been on the search for the elusive peak cake. Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Molly in Orlando, Florida has come the closest... definitely a hard ganache and a buttercream of some kind... but, so far, it's still not quite right. Thank you so much for your post. A trip to Boynton Beach may be in order!

                                Our baby's first birthday is this month... her first taste of cake. I'll be curious to see if she inherited daddy's sweet tooth! :)

                                1. re: lilbett1991

                                  Good morning to you:) Actually Allstar is in Boca not Boynton

                                  1. re: lilbett1991

                                    That's such a lovely story!

                                    This might sound crazy - I'm writing this from London - but I once ordered something to be delivered locally. I'm looking at the online menu - it's not well designed and doesn't do it justice - but their number is 561 742 4144, it might be worth calling and describing it to them. They're just the kind of place that if it's not on the menu, they might just add it!

                                    And happy first month birthday to your daughter: how sweet!!

                                    1. re: jc23blue

                                      Thank you jc23blue! It never hurts to ask. It would be a wonderful surprise. I'll write back if we are successful!

                          2. re: Manderley

                            Hi, I'm so excited to discover this because I, too, grew up in Jericho and 'everyone' knew that Flakowitz was the best bakery in the world - and it STILL IS. It does exist - you'd have to go further north than Boca, tho (altho I think it's in two places). I love in London - my husband is English - but as soon as I visited my lovely widowed mom in Boynton Beach, I head straight for Flakowitz & their cheese danish. It's just a lucky coincidence that she's almost exactly as close to this branch as my parents were in Jericho. One of the guys who works there - and some of them are back from the Jericho days - explained that it's because it's made by the same hands.
                            Literally. The original baker/owner is still there at the Boynton Boulevard branch. They now also do wonderful deli food, and most people know & love it for that and don't even realise it was originally a bakery - but all the things you'd remember as a kid are all there... the black & white cookies... I was recently there during Easter and they were giving away bucket loads of chocolate covered coconut macaroons. It's an incredible experience, no matter where your background. Be warned, tho: there are times when you still have to take a number and queue up. (by the way: I've smuggled back 1/2 dozen cheese danish and have them here in London in the freezer. All my childhood friends have their own particular Flakowitz memory - like Proust's madelines).
                            7410 W Boynton Beach Blvd
                            Boynton Beach, FL 33437
                            (561) 742-4144

                            1. re: jc23blue

                              I went to Flakowitz when they were in Boca and I was so not impressed. I bought a pie for a special dinner. The way they thicken it made the pie a gloopy globby mess. I have a degree in pastry arts so I'm very picky when it comes to desserts.

                          3. The original comment has been removed