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Jun 29, 2008 10:45 AM

Trinity Restaurant - Keyport

My husband and I had an outstanding dinner (and experience) at Trinity Restaurant & Lounge last night. When we arrived we were greeted very cordially by Charles, the owner. Our table was ready and waiting for us. We shared a wonderful salad, the iceberg lettuce with smoked applewood bacon croutons and a spicey chipolte blue cheese dressing--delicious, so much so I was sopping up every little drop of that wonderful dressing with a nice kick to it. The bread rolls that came were just delcious and unusual tasting....not your typical bread rolls. The organic whipped butter was served just the way butter should be served, spreadably soft. For the main course I had the Moroccan chicken that was a Bell & Evans chicken....on the bone. The meat was tender and moist with lovely aromatic spices...delicious! My husband had the prime thick 14 oz. pork chop.... absolutely tender served on the bone. His chop came with a really good mac & cheese number that was so tasty. My entree came with cous couse also very very good. Chef Michael stopped by our table with our dessert (we had the chocolate trinity which consisted of a whiskey bread pudding (served warm), a peppermint chocolate cake and white chocolate bark. A nice taste of everything. Chef Michael introduced himself and told us a little about himself. He was very nice and genuine in his desire to please.

Trinity's ambience was terrific. The restaurant, located in an old church, was tastefully decorated and quite cozy. Everything was immaculate, including the bathroom. The backgound music was lovely. It was a mixed bag that added to the overall dining experience.

Last, but by no means least, the staff was extremely warm and hospitable. Charles, the owner made sure everything was done just right and our server, Elizabeth was attentive but not instusive, very efficient, and very, very nice. At a price point of $97 for two people (including a bottle of wine, exclusive of tip), Trinity is an excellent value. We would highly recommend it and will certainly be returning again.

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  1. I guess I'm a little prejudiced. I grew up in Keyport many years ago. It's great to see two Keyport High graduates have made Keyport the place to go for great food. Hopefully Drew's and Trinity will lead the way for other great places. I haven't tried the Irish pub. Any thoughts?

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      Hey FoodDoc,

      I'm a fan of both Drew's and Trinity. McDonagh's is my go-to place for a great burger and beer (love the Guinness BBQ burger).

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        A long, long time ago, back in our pre-foodie days, Ye Cottage Inn was where we would go for seafood when we wanted something close to our house. Even after we jettisoned Cottage Inn for superior gustatory pastures, we couldn't have imagined a restaurant as wonderful as Drew's opening in Keyport. We are, indeed, fortunate that Drew decided to offer something "different." i.e., Creole/Cajun-inspired cuisine, and does it so spectacularly well. Lucky us!

        We haven't yet managed to get to Trinity, but it is on my "go to" list.

        1. re: RGR

          Mine too! Where is Trinity? I wonder what year they graduated from KHS.

          1. re: aacharya

            Trinity is at 84 Broad less than a block from Drews, which is at 58 Broad St. Just look for the white chruch. Plenty of parking in the municipal lot just out the door.

            BTW - Trinity is not to be missed as it is every bit as good as Drew's.
            As indicated in the above comment Keport is on the map with two of the finest restaurants in New Jersey.

            1. re: CatLadyJan

              Awesome! I wonder if they have a bar.

              1. re: aacharya

                Yes, Trinity has two bars in fact. One on main level and one in lounge downstairs. I'm a big fan of their Manjo Mojito and have gotten quite a few of my friends hooked on it as well.