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Jun 29, 2008 10:42 AM

Heading to Di Fara's...

Hey all. Two Mondays from now my dad and I will be in NYC for a couple days before heading to Greece. Neither of us have ever really been to NYC before, and when asked which pizza place we should visit, I jumped right in to suggest Di Fara's. We believe (if our flights our actually on time...but thats another post) that we can get to Di Fara's at around 3pm. With this being said, how will the line/wait be at that time? Also, what should we order for our first (and only) NYC pizza experience? I was thinking just a plain pie and split it.

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  1. You never know, but 3 PM is probably the best time to go. If you are luck, perhad less than a half hour wait for the pizza (and no wait for a seat). With only two people, the round pie is the way to go. For your first and only NY pizza, I would go for the plain, but his Special toppings: broccoli rabe, baby eggplant or artichoke hearts for example, are great.

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      Please check - I think DiFara's might be closed on Mondays now.

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        Oops. Didn't notice the day. Yes DiFara's IS CLOSED on Mondays. Good catch eeee. pastry634 check back for suggestions when you review your schedule.

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          Oh, shoot. Well, then I guess we will be heading to Patsy's in East Harlem (second choice).

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            Get it with the fresh mozzarella at Patsy's. They use the commercial pizza cheese unless you ask.

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              Patsy's would be my second choice as well for classic New York pizza in the afternoon. At least you won't have to wait. Recent reports on the Manhattan board have been mixed, but I think you will be pleased (though no where as pleased as at DiFara's).

      2. there are many great pies that can be had in Queens near the airports if that is easier for you. patsy's in harlem is great, but not quite what it used to be. in queens, great pies (specifically the square pie sort of grandma style) can be had at Rizzo's in Astoria. also Nick's on Asscan Ave in Queens is a great NYC pie. either of these pies will be as good as Patsy's imho... none will be as good as Difara. on a recent very long delay at JFK we drove to Ben's Best on Queens Boulevard and ate pastrami sandwiches and matzoh ball soups. delish... but Patsy's can be great too, just make sure if you eat slices you get a fresh pie and ask for it well done. also New Park in Queens will work too (also ask for a fresh pie well done). enjoy and please report back- fb

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          I was just gonna say he might as well go to Nick's. It's better than Patsy's most of the time (Patsy's tosses out the odd great pie still.)

          I wouldn't recommend Ben's though!

          1. re: JFores

            For Patsy's, my dad and I were thinking just one plain pie with fresh mozz. I believe their pies come in only one size, correct? Also, will one pie be enough?