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Jun 29, 2008 09:58 AM

Shangri-La Belmont take out not very good

I've eaten here once and remembered liking it. But takeout last night was very poor. Maybe it's because their food needs to be eaten hot out of the kitchen?

My memory of the fried turnip cake was that it was one of the best things I've eaten that was fried. But when they sit in a box and steam and get cold, they aren't very tasty at all. And I thought in the restaurant they came with some kind of dipping sauce, but there was none in the takeout.

I was looking forward to the ravioli with spicy sauce, but all it turned out to be was tiny looking peking ravioli sitting in a container with a very very salty soy sauce over them, it had a little spice but was too salty to enjoy.

And the shredded beef with peking sauce was just another disapointment. The accompanying pancakes were dry and cracked around the edges and doughy in the middle and serving size, well, maybe there was 4 ounces of meat, maybe. And for $10.95 it wasn't worth it.

I hate to admit that I tossed the uneaten turnip cakes and salty dumplings because I couldn't bare eating them again.

I don't want to trash the place but maybe it just isn't the kind of food that travels well? I've no plans to go back. Wondering if others have had this experience with takeout.

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  1. I get takeout from Shangri La at least once a month and we always enjoy it both then and when reheated out of the fridge. True, the turnip cakes aren't crispy any more by the time I get home, but they're still super tasty. I can't imagine how far you must have traveled for your food to be cold. I'm about 20 minutes away and the food is always still hot when I get home.

    Our usual takeout items include the turnip cake, home style egg drop soup, crispy shrimp with spiced salt, chicken with spinach and garlic, twice cooked roast beef, pork with red pepper, chives and dry bean curd, and the jumbo meatball.

    Frankly, I have no explanation for your experience other than to suggest you try again. I've been going there about once a month for at least 5 years now and have never had an experience like the one you describe.


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      We've been getting takeout from there for about 2 -3 months now and think it's awfully good. So, I wonder if it was an "off" night -- not that that excuses anything, but I'd say try them again.

    2. I've ordered takeout regularly from Shangri La for years and have rarely had a clunker. Looking at your list, it doesn't look like you hit SL's strengths, which are the taiwanese dishes. Admittedly, there turnip cakes are very good, but like most fried food, it doesn't do well in a container or for takeout.

      My favorite dishes include their various tofu dishes (ma po tofu, fish fillets with tofu), beef and noodles with sa cha sauce, dry fried tofu with pork, pea pod stems, home style egg soup and some of their hot pots. I don't have a menu in front of me and the names of the dishes are approximations.

      It may have been an off night. Try a search of the Boston board. I remember Striperguy made a long post about their great dishes. He may have even it broken it down my menu category. It's definitely worth another shot, even for takeout.

      1. This is one of the most consistently reliable restaurants I know. Sorry you has bad luck, but I would give them another whirl. Also, Takeout really does not do them justice...

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          Went late for takeout last night - fabulous as usual. Limited myself to turnip cake and boneless tea smoked duck. Don't know why, but last night I got at least twice as much duck as usual, with twice as many pancakes.

          My first choice at any restaurant is duck, if available. I may have had one or two duck dishes that are superior to shangri-la's tea smoked duck, but none that has been so remarkably consistent, so unexpectedly wonderful, or so cheap. Shangri-la, and specifically this dish, is far and away the best chow-recommendation I have gotten.