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Mar 4, 2003 10:46 AM

Good Restaurant On The Water In Newport Beach?

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I have been to several restaurants in Newport Beach that had tables outside overlooking the water or inside looking out. So far I've only found one that was really good, 21 Oceanfront. Others have been overall disappointing. (This is for business so a water view is a priority for those I am with.) Any opinions on Billy's at the Beach, Cannery, Renato or Newport Landing among others?
Also, I used to like Cowboy's nearby but it has changed hands. Any opinions on what its replacement is like?
Thanks for everyone's thoughts.

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    torta basilica

    Now that Bistro 201 is closed, I think I'd just head down to Laguna - Clae's for dinner or Splashes for lunch. I live in Newport & think all the restaurants on 'Mariner's Mile' are awful.

    The only one on the water in Newport I highly recommend is back by Lido - Blue Water Grill. Great fresh fish - nothing fancy, but good. Fun bar, good music - I like it!

    Have never had a good meal at Billy's, the reopened Cannery is ok, but not great, Renato is nice, but haven't been there for a long time, Newport Landing is ok for appetizers, but I wouldn't eat dinner there. Cowboy is now called Gulfstream & it's basically the same. Nice patio with fireplace & list of wines by the glass. Roy's is always my first choice in Fashion Island for fish.

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      Thank you, torta basilica. I appreciate the advice. Probably Blue Water Grill because of its location.