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Jun 29, 2008 09:38 AM

ad hoc, bouchon, bistro jeanty.

I will be in yountville this week for one day and am psyched!

I have planned this trip around going to a keller restaurant, but it appears to me, that ad hoc seems to fair much more favorably than bouchon- why is that? and after going over the boards, im now considering scraping the keller joints in favor of going to bistro jeanty. since i only have time for one meal, I JUST WANT MEMORABLE and TASTY EATS, and not be disappointed. Im looking for a great overall experience.

For the people who have eaten at these establishments, where would you go for your one meal? and what would you order?

Also would it be fair to say that all three are similarly priced?

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  1. Given the choice right now, I would go to Ad Hoc, though I might make a reservation there and somewhere else and check what the menu is that day to see if it's something that appeals to me. I haven't been to Bouchon in a little while, but it's gotten some bad reviews lately, I think due to the kitchen renovations and general choas, so I'd stay away for a while. You're going to be there this week, do you already have reservations anywhere? I'd see where you can make reservations for the night that you're there, and then check back. Ad Hoc is $45 prix fixe, so depending on what you would order, it is likely the cheaper of the three.

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      Ad Hoc is $48, Sunday brunch is $38. I've only been for the $48 fried chicken and I think it's worth the price -- four courses of delicious, garden fresh food. (I went because of Morton the Mousse's raving -- going again June 30.)

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      1. My one meal at Bistro Jeanty was thoroughly underwhelming. French mediocrity - plain and simple. Granted, this was two years ago, but it doesn't strike me as the type of place that changes much.

        Ad Hoc is fantastic. Classic, comfort food with perfect execution. Go there. You wont regret it.

        1. Good idea to choose another restaurant while Bouchon is renovating their kitchen.