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Jun 29, 2008 08:28 AM

By-gone cocktail fads

We were sitting around drinking the other night (surprise! surprise!) discussing cocktails that were a flash-in-the-pan. A few came up. I have neither seen a menu posting nor have been offered a Harvey Wallbanger or a Pimm's Cup since I was in bell bottoms. The wham-bang-zoom Long Island Tea has also disappeared around here (Philly). I sometimes have to explain to a bartender (young enough to be my offspring) what constitutes a Planter's Punch.

So, what else has suddenly come and gone that is either missed or not? I guess the Wallbanger was more of a novelty than aclassic as, after two moves and 12 years, I eventually tossed the burdensome half bottle of remaining Galliano. Tastes like bubble gum to me. And that Midori stuff? Forget it. Smells and looks like green apple liquid hand soap.

Anything you miss and wish would return to popularity?

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  1. Somewhere in the back of our liquor cabinet, I think we still may have a half-bottle of remaining Galliano from the Harvey Wallbanger days!

    You may be happy to hear that a lot of classic cocktails are making a comeback (at least in Los Angeles), including the Pimm's Cup.

    1. In New Orleans, at the Napoleon House (and lots of other places, of course, but NH is kinda the home of the thing) the Pimm's Cup never died. It lives happily in a tall glass on hot afternoons.

      1. There's a current thread on hot weather cocktails where I mention that my wife and I go through a couple bottles of Pimm's No. 1 every summer, and several others have chimed in on their fondness for that drink.

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          Pimm's No. 1 is alive and well in my slice of New England (Providence) too.