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Jun 29, 2008 07:20 AM

Where to buy local strawberries?

Where can I buy local strawberries today (i.e., not at a farmer's market). I thought of Wilson Farms, but would love something closer to home (I'm in West Rox).

Thanks ---

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  1. Apart from famers mkt and PYO, 2 places i've seen them this week are Whole Foods (I saw them at Alewife) and Pemberton Farms, a small store on Mass Ave N of Porter Sq, neither too close to you though.

    1. Why don't you try Allandale Farm in J.P.? Even if they don't grow their own (which I don't know if they do or not) they have agreements with other local farms for stuff they don't grow.

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      1. re: BeverlyCY

        Ahhh Allandale Farm! Great idea. We ended up at Russo's and they had locally grown strawberries for $3.98/qt (I think).

        1. re: sallyt

          I got some at Russo's yesterday as well. Fantastic.

          1. re: ChefOfTheFuture

            We got some at Russos on Saturday that were good, but not great. They were still a bit on the tart side. Hit any local farmers market this week and there will be more local strawberries than you know what to do with. As for a taster and get what you like best. I got some delicious strawberries in Copley last week (though I forget from which stand).

        2. re: BeverlyCY

          Allandale is in Brookline, actually. But still pretty close.

          1. re: BobB

            Recent samplings included (in descending order of tastiness - note no correlation between price and flavor):

            1. Wilson's Farm - yesterday - $5.98 per qt (the winners by far!!)
            2. Russo's - Sunday - $3.98 per qt
            3. Hutchins' Farm (Concord) - Sunday a week ago ($6.98 per qt - and organic)