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Jun 29, 2008 06:44 AM

Why Peasant instead of Po?

Several here have suggested Peasant over Po (couldn't get a table at Babbo; already been to Lupa). Just curious about what the specific merits of one is over the other. Also for some reason I can't get a menu of Po to show up. I get a flag that says it could harm my computer!

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  1. While I enjoy Po, I think that the food and atmosphere are a few notches above at Peasant. Po is more of a neighborhood restaurant whereas I would travel to Peasant.

    1. I actually much prefer the food at Po to Peasant, which I generally find to be fine but unexciting. I've never had a stand out dish at Peasant, whereas I have had several at Po. Peasant has a much more bustling vibe though.

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        I haven't been to Peasant yet, but I too want to stick up for Po. I just went there recently and had the tasting menu -- they wouldn't tell us what it was going to be beforehand (always up to the chef I guess?) so we just told them to be adventurous. Everything we had was phenomenal. An anchovy salad that was super refreshing, kale ravioli, sweetbreads with egg and crispy potatoes, a rabbit pasta... all were so, so great. We went to Perilla a couple weeks later, and (sorry Perilla), Po blew it away. By miles.

        I'm still looking forward to trying Peasant, but don't count Po out just yet!

        1. Po is nothing special. It was great back in the day when it was a Batali restaurant, but now it is no better than a neighborhood Italian restaurant, albeit with a nicer dining room and higher prices. Peasant, while clearly not Babbo, is a very good restaurant in its own right. Great suckling pig. I don't think there is much of a contest between the two restaurants. Peasant is just much better.

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            Does the suckling pig come with the bone?

            1. re: steakrules85

              No bone. Just cut-up chunky pieces with crackling skin. A very good dish.

              Edited to add: Just remembered that there may be some small rib bones ... usually the succulent ones.

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                Good to know thanks! I loveeeeee that crackling skin too... how is the meat very juicy?