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Jun 29, 2008 06:18 AM

Dog Friendly Patios

Hey Hounds.

I'm looking for dog friendly patios between the highways in York Region.
I'm not talking about an accessory dog that no one will bother saying anything about. I'm talking about a policy that allows any dog because I have a 95lb. golden retiever.

I have a friend that I need to hook up with. He loves my dog and suggested a patio where we could take him. He just doesn't know of one.

A little comment on the food would be good as well.



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  1. Artisan Pub House, 48 Main Street North in Markham is pet friendly.

    1. It's not a matter of restaurant policy, it's a matter of the provincial law. It is illegal to have an animal in a restaurant, and that includes patios. So, you may have a lot of trouble finding one. That said, there are many good patios where you can get a seat at the railing and your dog can be on the sidewalk beside you. Mnay restos will accommodate that, and even give doggy some water.

      1. Unless your pooch is a service dog, you won't be finding a patio that will allow it. Provincial and municipal regs are very strict about that. I'd suggest getting together at someones house instead of having you on one side of the fence and the pup on the other...

        1. In fact, one of my favourite spots permitted dogs on the patio, and got into very serious shit for it. Personally, while I understand the rationale for the ban, it saddens me, because generally I prefer dogs to people.

          BTW - great looking dog you've got there.