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Jun 29, 2008 06:18 AM

BB Pancakes, Coffee, and Golf in Portland Area?

After much research, I have updated my dinner rez's for this week to 555 and White Barn Inn. (Not sure what would be fresh this time of year to justify big $ at Arrows?)

Is there anyone who can help on a few specifics in Maine? We are staying in Cape Elizabeth.

Would really like to go out for coffee (preferably with our lovely lab, Fenway), and while I am watching my carbs, would like to enjoy one good breakfast of blueberry pancakes. I was there a couple weeks ago and the one place I tried was not good! Hubby is European, so if coffee place should also have espresso, etc.

Also, if you have any recos for beautiful golf course in the area (we are not great, but love to play 9 holes at twilight).

We are willing to travel up to 20 miles for good stuff - always a bonus if Fenway can sit with us...

Thank you so much!!!!

PS: Any other recos are always appreciated...

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  1. I'm not surprised your pancakes weren't good. Note that blueberries this time of year are either frozen or from elsewhere, or both -- it'll be at least three more weeks until this year's berries are available. We are currently in the thick of strawberry season, however, and Cape Elizabeth has several really great strawberry patches, including Maxwell's and Jordan's.

    9 holes at twilight? Wherever you end up, be sure to bring the bug spray. It's been a very damp June. For less aggravation, I recommend going midday.

    1. A good breakfast place right there in Cape Elizabeth is the Good Table resaurant. MU is right, I wouldn't get my hopes up about fresh blueberry pancakes, but the GT does have excellent banana walnut pancakes. You probably wouldn't have any luck with espresso there, either, but its good and its close. Sable Oaks CC in South Portland is relatively close and a nice golf course.