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Jun 29, 2008 05:10 AM

Which location?

Have decided that picky eater will eat at Richtree. We will be at ST. Vladimir,located steps from Toronto's downtown campuses (University of Toronto and Ryerson University), and public transit.
There are a few Richtrees,

1. 444 Yonge Street, Unit M9
2. 42 Yonge St.
3. 181 Bay St.

Do we need to make a reservation?

Looking for a combination of:
~nice atmosphere (like in the BCE - which one is that?)
~lots of selection - I know, bland!
~suggestions for parking

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  1. Well, the one at 444 Yonge (College Park) hasn't had a Yellow card from city food-safety inspectors (DineSafe) since July 2007. 181 Bay St. hasn't had one since March 2007. So that's good -- woo-hoo, an improvement!

    The BCE Place location (42 Yonge) is the only one that's never been busted for food-stafety violations.

    And for the record, the Eaton Centre location got a Yellow earlier this month.

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    1. re: estragon

      Good to know, thanks! I was thinking BCE, but where is there to park and do they take reservations?

    2. Park under the BCE enter off Wellington just west of Yonge (south side). "course it's expensive. BCE is 42 Yonge and 181 Bay — it takes up the whole block.

      1. 42 Yonge Street and 181 Bay are basically the same location in Brookfield Place (formerly known as BCE Place), with the main restaurant (the one you want to go to) upstairs at street level and a satellite in the basement as part of the office building food court.

        There is very expensive parking in Brookfield Place which is entered from either Front or Wellington just east of Yonge. There are also metered spots on Front Street between Yonge and Bay as well as east of Yonge on both Front and Wellington. You may get lucky and get a spot in one of those.

        In terms of edible chow for the non-picky eaters, there are made to order omlettes which are not half bad. The fish at the fish station is cooked to order and can be ok. The rosti potato with smoked salmon or sausages is also pretty good. Thin crust pizzas are a perennial standby - place your order and then go pick up a ceasar salad while they cook. Sometimes the sushi is shockingly tasty and fresh but make sure you look it over closely. The grill station overcooks everything but the fries are good. Desserts are generally inedibe although the crepes are tasty. (I work in the building and am very often stuck with going there for dinner so I have eaten everything they have to offer multiple times)

        They don't take reservations as far as I know except for big groups and for some reason they like to create lineups out front when half the restaurant is empty. That can be very annoying.

        For atmosphere, I believe there is still one room in the back corner that has white tablecloths and is styled as a bistro - It is the most "restaurant-like" of the eating areas.

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        1. re: Cat123

          Thanks Cat - I will take your detailed advice. Thanks so much; we will make the best of the experience.