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Jun 28, 2008 09:39 PM

Sante La Brea w/Ramsay Treatment?

I drove by Sante La Brea and see that they've got a sign out touting their new Gordon Ramsay-directed menu. Apparantly they are on the new season of his show, Kitchen Nightmares. Their website says the new menu is coming soon -- but has anyone been to the restaurant and checked it out?

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  1. I saw the same sign! I saw the "new" menu online but it looked just like the messy old one to me with all their old "classics"... I decided to go yesterday, but couldn't find parking! They have no valet, but the sign says parking round the back. I found 2 spots round the back with signs saying India Grill (Not Sante LaBrea, but next to it) and no Sante La Brea sign anywhere! Guess Gordon didn't fix everything...Circled again and could find no spots nearby - to be honest the interior looked empty and just the same to me, and as the menu looked very much the same too I was rather terned off and just left, Went to Hugo's for Mac'n'cheese instead!

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      Well I did pop in about a month ago with a girlfriend. The restaurant was almost empty and the service was a little included such stellar moments as a server handing me my salad while saying, "This is the soup." We asked to see the Ramsay menu, and it looked good, but they're not really serving off it right now. Perhaps they're waiting for the show to air? At any rate, our dinner was fine -- nothing special, and sadly that indian place next door smelled so good that we regretted our choice of venue. They have rehabbed the outdoor patio, though, and that is a nice place to sit, even if the tables had gotten a bit dusty. Lastly I will add that the parking situation isn't quite as dire as you noted, but perhaps they need to increase signage -- in the back, next to the two spaces you saw, is the ramp down to the underground parking lot.