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Jun 28, 2008 08:12 PM

July vacations closings

This is our annual in-town vacation with lots of dining around town. Every year I run into a few places that are closed for vacation or annual renovations this time of year. I'm trying to work around that as I decide where to slip each place into the schedule.

I figured I would start a list and let everyone else chime in on what they learn.

• Hungry Mother will be closed from Sunday, July 6 - Tuesday, July 8, reopen Wednesday 5pm.

• Central Kitchen usually closes for a few days to refinish the floors and spruce up but I haven't confirmed that.

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  1. Highland Kitchen will be closed from 7/4-7/6. When they reopen on 7/7, they will be open on all Monday's going forward!

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    1. re: Gabatta

      Thanks Gabatta.

      I forgot to put Highland Kitchen on my list of new places to try. I'll have to try to get there before they close.

      Going to read the latest Chowpinion on them and try to find a menu.

      1. re: BostonZest

        Was just at Oishii Chestnut Hill for lunch today and noticed their "10th annual vacation" sign: July 1-8th. The sign says that the Washington Street branch will be open during that time.

        1. re: BostonZest

          I have been unable to find a menu for HK anywhere online. The specials are always great. We had both the scallops and heirloom tomatoes (both specials) to start on Saturday, and loved both dishes. The scallops had a lot of garlic and were cooked to perfection. For mains we got the bbq mushroom sandwich (sans cheese) which was mouth watering and the cuban reuben (which I can't get away from). Others dining at the bar got the roasted chicken and salmon, both which looked good. On past visits we have also enjoyed the mussels and grilled artichoke starters. We have not had any disapointments at HK yet. Though if you are planning several meals over a few days, you can consider HK on the heavier side.


      2. Galleria Umberto closed yesterday (June 28) and won't reopen until the last Monday in July.

        1. I believe that Courthouse Seafood Restaurant is on vacation this week, but call to confirm. The market remains open. Royal Pastry usually takes a 2 week vacation later in the month.

          1. Don Ricardo's in the South End is closed on Sundays....

            1. Carlo's Cucina in Allston is closed through the end of the July 4th weekend.