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Jun 28, 2008 07:32 PM


Went on Friday and had an amazing little snack and delicious wine! The ipswich fried clams were so fresh and addicting! Love the atmosphere and the r&b music!

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  1. That's funny because there are no Ipswitch clams on the market right now because of the red tide.

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    1. re: lovinlinecook

      Most boston restaurants call any belly-on fried clams, "Ipswich fried clams" whether or not they're from Ipswich.

    2. B&G is a complete rip off IMO. I had lunch there today and remember why I've not been in 6 months. $160 for two is ridiculous and it's not like we pigged out. Had a dozen oysters, two lobster rolls, 2 glasses of wine and 2 tap beers. $29 for a mediocre lobster roll...give me a break! This one is way off my list.

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      1. re: Monty

        The lobby roll is still $29? That’s not good.

        And you say it is “mediocre”. For a frame of reference: Have you had the B&G roll before? If so, is it not like it used to be? If you have not had the B&G roll before, where have you had better ones?

      2. I second Monty. The food is often really good - but not usually good enough. They make mistakes that shouldn't be made for what you're paying. Like... using old fava beans that have gone bitter & soapy tasting. If I'm paying that kind of premium, attention to detail should border on the obsessive. I could go on.

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          1. re: lizziee

            FWIW, it's just "Neptune Oyster." No possessive.

          2. re: turtl_girl

            Every meal I've ever had there has been excellent. That being said, the bill does total up mighty quickly and I agree, it happens easily without necessarily getting a lot of food. If it was abt 30% cheaper, I'd head there all the time. Bottom line --it's got special occasion prices without a special occasion feeling.

            1. re: twentyoystahs

              I'm more in line w/twentyoystahs -- love the food and atmosphere, but it *does* add up quickly. Next thing you know you're looking at a buck fifty for 2.