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Jun 28, 2008 06:51 PM

RENO - Whats your top 3 recs for $15 or less meals?

Any cuisine, any meal, within 10 miles of the casino district. $15 does not include tax or tip. Never been to Reno before and visiting a friend going through rough financial times. Thank you hounds!

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  1. If you want to keep the cost under $15 you never have to leave the casino district. You can get a pretty complete meal just about anywhere in the casino district, in most of the casinos, for under $15.

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    1. re: todao

      Well yea, but I could also go to Denny's for every meal. It should go without saying that I meant chowish places.

    2. Chutney, Indian cuisine, and Asian Noodles, a Vienamese place right around the corner, both on Plumb Lane in the Costco shopping center.
      Nu Yalk Pizza on Moana at Kietzke for slices, especially on Wednesday night, which is Sicilian night.
      Pinocchio's on Moana nearby.
      A lot of the dishes at Peony, a Chinese restaurant, on Mae Anne in northwest Reno.
      A nice sandwich at Michael's Deli on South Virginia Street a few blocks south of Liberty.
      Lunch at LaVecchia, an Italian place at Moana and South Virginia.
      A $9 ribeye steak dinner at Las Palmas, which is a combination Mexican grocery and meat market on one side and a taqueria on the other. Really, really basic setting. Good quality meat and nice whole beans and rice. It's at 1351 E. Prater Way #101 in Sparks between Pullman Drive and Marina Gateway.
      Also in Sparks, Mexican restaurants La Fuente on Baring Boulevard and Lupita's at McCarran and Prater.

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      1. How about:
        - Pho 777 for excellent, inexpensive Vietnamese soup (especially chicken pho, off menu) on 2nd Street, opposite Harrah's
        - Beto's on 5th Street, about three blocks from the casinos, for Mexican food from Guadalajara (shrimp tacos for $2.50, a la carte burritos for $3.50)
        - Golden Flower, for the best Imperial rolls (Cha Gio) in town, also on 5th, at West Street, on the way to Beto's
        - J J's Pies, also on 5th Street, next to Beto's, for a great sausage and peppers sandwich, or pretty good pizza, also available by the slice
        - An "Awful-Awful" at the Little Nugget on Virginia, for the full cardiac/cholesterol burger and fries
        - Nick's Greek Deli at Moran and Virginia for gyros or Royal Plates - lunch only - one block from the California/Virginia intersection
        - Voila!, on California near Arlington, for breakfast or lunch (no dinner)
        - Stonehouse, at Arlington and Plumb Lane, for a pleasant indoor or outdoor dining experience
        - Thai Chili, on Virginia near Vassar(?), or Bangkok, on Mt. Rose Street near Virginia, for excellent Thai food
        Hopefully, one or more of these, in addition to Steve's suggestions, should work for you

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          I just had lunch yesterday with my son at Golden Flower. I had eaten there before (mostly pho, which is ok, but I prefer others mentioned here for pho). But he suggested the Imperial rolls. I had never tried them, and went with his suggestion...and they ARE delicious!! Definitely second that recommendation.

          As I mentioned somewhere else on the boards, you know you've done good when your kids start giving you good food recos......

        2. Sushi Pier 2 for Lunch is great. It is just down Virginia to Mt Rose St.
          I agree with Bangkok Cuisine just across the street.
          Dynasty China Bistro off of California and Keystone.

          1. Betos is a good if you're on a budget, so is Pho 777. Something I didn't see mentioned you might want to try is Eclipse Pizza on 3950 Mayberry Dr. You can get any of their incredibly delicious pizzas in the ten-inch size for $7 (before tax) and, in my opinion, that's plenty for two people. Or, go crazy and try two different pizzas for $14.

            I need to try Chutney one of these days.