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Jun 28, 2008 06:45 PM

Late night dining in North Austin & Round Rock?

I'm wondering if there are any late night dining options in North Austin and Round Rock other than fast food chains like McDonald's and Taco Cabana, and places like Denny's? Places open until 2:00 am or later are preferred, but restaurants that close at around midnight or so will work as well. I'm also open to all cuisines. Let me know. Thanks!

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  1. By no means fine dining, but RC Fowler's in Cedar Park serves burgers, wings, etc. til 2. I think Pluckers might as well

    1. Kerbey Lane is open 24 hours. There's one at 183 and a little south of Spicewood Springs/McNeil.

      1. As chains go, IHoP is usually not too bad. I mean, if you're just getting eggs and pancakes (sometimes I feel like breakfast in the middle of the night), a chain isn't too bad.

        I've had mostly good but a few bad experiences at Kerbey Lane on 183 late at night.

        1. You can definitely get some moderately decent Chinese in North Austin really late at night...

          Din Ho, at Peyton Gin/US183, is open until 1am Mon-Sat.

          T&S, on N. Lamar between Rundberg and Braker, is open until 1 am on all nights, except for Tuesdays...

          other than those two, Kerbey Lane on US183 at Spicewood Springs would be your best bet, since they're open 24 hours.

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            din ho actually changed their hours earlier this year (i think). m-th and su they close at 930 and fri-sat they close at 1030. i could be off by a little, but was there tonight and saw 930 on the door. i miss the old days of the 1am deadline

          2. Veranda in the old Northcross mall serves lots of tapas/small plates til 2am in the bar area