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Jun 28, 2008 06:40 PM

Salsa Grill ,Woodlawn

My wife and I finally made it to the SALSA GRILL on Security Blvd this evening. An extremely pleasant experience. The staff is very inviting and friendly the food excellent . Started with a Tapas appetizer consisting of a corn tamale, that was sweet and smooth, a small quesadilla that was ok, a spinach and chese empanada that was excellent. My wife had a Peruvian paella that she throughly enjoyed and I had the Escabeche with Corvina (a fish I had never had before) it was light and pleasant.
It's BYOB but I don't believe there was a corkage fee, but I could be wrong.
The deserts are all made on the premises, had a German Chocolater cake that the two of us could only finish half of, very moist and very "choclatey".
This is definitely a go to place if you have not already been. Jay thw owner/chef(?)
makes sure everything is to your satisfaction.

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  1. Where on Security Blvd? I work off Security Blvd and lunch options aren't so great!

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      In the shopping center with the AA Korean Market, next to AJ Wright..

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        You work off Security Blvd and you've never been to Salsa Grill? This is your lucky day! I work nearby and eat lunch there at least once a week. I just wish I lived nearby so I could have dinner there, too. The food is truly amazing and the staff is so nice. Be sure to save room for dessert (or take it home).
        Even if you're not in the mood for Peruvian food, the crabcake is a work of art and the subs are outstanding. Best cheesesteak sub in Baltimore! You're going to love Salsa Grill.

      2. One of our favorite "mom and pop" places for years. try the rainbow trout or the goat dishes, great stuff.

        also if you get a chance, ask jay if he's doing any special desserts on his own in the back, especially at holidays. sometimes he does stuff that isn't on the menu but is always good.

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          This mom and pop Peruvian place is really flying under the radar. Have any chowhounds compared it to Rinconcito Peruano? The Peruvian and Spanish menu items look very intriguing (the rest - hard to tell from the menu - could be really good too). And that soft shell saltado - I'm hoping it's as good as it sounds. Talk about fusion!