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Jun 28, 2008 06:15 PM

Superb Indian Mangos in Waltham - Way Long Post

I'm a man who takes his mangos seriously... once in Mali after a week of ranting about how much I loved them, my buddy Mamaye Daff (wonder where he is right now?) took me to his cousin's place, having told his cousin that he had an American friend who really liked mangos. As we sat on the porch waiting for his cousin, a whit Toyota pickup pulled up, containing the aforementioned cousin... I glanced into the bed of the pickup and flinched; it was full to the brim, 700+ mangos give or take a couple hundred. They were very big and VERY VERY good; I think I ate five, with only minimal digestive repercussions.

In St. Croix this February I had some tough hairy (if you are a true mango lover you know what a hairy fibrous mango is like) delicious mangos barely bigger then walnuts.

Used to have a friend who UPSed me 20 lb. boxes from her tree in Miami, they were VERY good. The best mangos I've had this side of Africa or the Caribbean.

Every year in May I go to Waltham in to buy a few boxes of very good Mexican mangos when they are in season.

And then my mango world changed.

This Tuesday, when I hit Waltham for some killer food at Kebab and Tandoor I drifted over to the Indian grocery stores on Moody. Picked up two boxes of Mexican mangos for $9pp and they were very good as usual this time of year.

But one of the stores had cool white boxes with pale yellow and green graphics: "Are those INDIAN mangos I asked?" "Oh yes, but they are not ripe, let them rest for a few days."

I only bot one, cause it was hard and green, in my experience not auspicious for a mango.

5 days later, a few brief moments ago I et it. I only intended to eat 1/2 and save some for later. Hah.

What a remarkable, fragrant, tasty mango. Luscious, sexy, a bit acrid, I can still taste it on my tongue and in the back of my throat. I've not had mango that good since I was in Africa, and maybe never...

Can't imagine they'll last long, but one thing is sure, I'll be back in Waltham this week.

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  1. Now THAT's a nice Chowhound post, part travelogue, nice vivid descriptions of the appearance and flavors of the food, and useful information on a new find for those interested. Kudos, StriperGuy, this is the bar for which we should strive!

    and I'm not......

    1. StriperGuy:
      Where's this Indian grocery store on Moody? :-)

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      1. re: Spike

        There are 3 or so Indian Grocery stores on Moody. More or less across from Solea. I know the two (smaller, not the huge one, but VERY well stocked with produce) I like, but don't remember their name. Just poke around a bit and ask who has Indian mangos.

      2. You probably know this, but Indian mangoes are often eaten with something salty--fermented shrimp paste in various parts of SE Asia and with just salt in Colombia, for example.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          I love 'em with some cayenne pepper!

        2. Awesome post, thanks.
          Those shops have the best mango deals in town, by far! I always snicker when I see folks at Whole Frauds buying a mango at $2 or more per fruit. Thanks, I'll take a case at the Indian stores. Also, they have great deals on spices. I still have a good sized baggy of star anise that was amazingly cheap.

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            You can also get cases of first quality fruit pretty inexpensively in Chelsea near the produce market. Often being sold alongside the road, but many of the fruit vendors (Holden, etc) will do cash and carry. If you buy alongside the road or at Haymarket, keep in mind that your "case" may often be a few mangoes short of what it should be and consider the price accordingly. Indian Mangoes are also available in the Union Square area (not just the Indian store, but La Internacional has them from time to time) and I have seen them at the Indian store at Marshall and Broadway in Somerville.

            BTW StriperGuy, with that introduction I would have thought you climbed the mango trees. Its pretty simple, climb and bounce up and down on a branch. Mangoes ripe enough will fall to the grown and when picking them up off the ground, check the stem to make sure its sappy that is your confirmation that this mango just fell to the ground.

            1. re: itaunas

              Climbing the tree is next ;-)

              The cases of mango in Waltham usually have 8 or nine fruit. I may even be off on the price. Might have been $8 pp.

              I have even more amazing mango-buying stories in Africa, Roxbury, and the wilds of NYC. A good mango often comes with a good adventure.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Do tell!

                If you use the Stories Board, how about a link? Looking forward to some happy salivating and reading!

                1. re: fredid

                  I tried my first kesar Indian mango today from Shiva Bazaar in Norwood. I cost me $25 for a case of 10, which is five times the price of the other mangos. The sweetness and the aroma was so incredible I can't imagine eating any other kind of mango ever again, including the aphonso mango. Is there any other place around Boston that sells them cheaper?

          2. Patel Brothers is selling them $20 for a case of 9, or for $3/each mango. Seems kind of steep. Forgive my ignorance, but when you said $8 or 9pp, what does pp stand for? Is $20 for a case of 9 a rip-off?

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            1. re: Framinghound

              For comparison, I bought the 50 cents mangos, Costco mangos, Bj's mangos, $1.50 Hatian mangos, and $2.50 kesar mangos. Every mango tasted great and sweet BUT then the kesar's flavor blew them all away with the nice aroma that lingers on your palate. Yes it is quite expensive but no more expensive than good mangosteen or good sushi. Too bad Indian mango is out of season.

              1. re: Framinghound

                $9 per case (of 8 or 9 fruit) for the very good mexican mangos.

                The excellent Indian ones were $2 or 3 each.