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Kosher in Los Angeles - restaurant recommendations for upcoming trip

We're coming to LA for a family vacation next week with our 16 year old. Are there any kosher restaurants you would recommend? We'll be staying in Santa Monica & trying to see some typical tourist sites in Hollywood, Burbank & Culver City.

Have looked through this board, but it seems like a lot of restaurants have closed recently. Also looked at Shamash, but don't have a good idea where things are located. Would like something nice, not a bagel or pizza place. (We eat dairy out, so a kosher pizza place is not a particular treat.) Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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    1. The major kosher restaurants are going to be on Pico/Robertson - I would reommend the following restaurants -
      Pats Restaurant - A steakhouse and is one of my favorites in LA - I go there every time I am in town - the steaks are excellent - http://www.patskosher.com/
      Jeff's Gourmet Sausage - low key hot dog stand another one of my favorites some of the best hot dogs/sausages outside of chicgao - http://www.jeffsgourmet.com/
      Shanghai Diamond Garden - Decent kosher chinese and sushi - http://www.greatrestaurantsmag.com/KO...
      - the last time I was in LA I had one of the best meals I ever had was at Prime Grill in Bevery Hills but I think they are closed or at least for remodeling - from Shamash the closest to Sanata Monica is HaBayit - I have not been but I would call since it has not been updated from 2005

      Shanghai Diamond Garden
      9401 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

      Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausage
      8930 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

      11921 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

      Pat's Restaurant
      9233 W Pico Blvd # 200, Los Angeles, CA

      Prime Grill
      421 N Rodeo Dr Ste 31, Beverly Hills, CA

      1. Prime Grill closed I think.

        I would recommend Jeff's Sausage on Pico and Delice Bistro on Pico.

        1. I recently had a pretty good experience at La Gondola in LA. I don't eat meat, but everyone else in the group did, and they were almost all delighted (only 2 of the 14 meat eaters eat only kosher, so the fact that almost everyone was happy seemed like a good sign to me).

          1. Bocca in Encino in the San Fernando valley (west of Burbank, north of Santa Monica) is a new La Gondola franchise. Haven't tried it. Our family likes Sassi in Encino, but I'm not sure it's worth the drive for you. There's also a cluster of kosher eateries in North Hollywood, but nothing so special that it's worth the trip.

            One restaurant that IS worth the trip is Tierra Sur restaurant, in Oxnard. If you'd like to make a beachy day of it, this would be a great end to the day, but it's a significant drive otherwise (perhaps an hour each way).

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              Mazel tov. Let us know when it's worth the trip...

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                It's worth the trip now. Actually, it would have been worth a trip to Valley Village (North Hollywood) back when the OP, Jeriri, posted, due to the fact that they were going to be in Burbank anyway, and Valley Village represented the closest kosher food. But now, in addition to Smokin'!, there's a new Chinese restaurant which has had mixed reviews, but at least I think their hot and sour soup is passable, far better than I was served the one time I ate at Shanghai Diamond Garden. Haven't had anything else there yet, but the place (Mashu Mashu is the name) exudes delicious aromas. And of course, there's Le Sushi, which draws people from Pico, believe it or not, and Cafe Eilat for dessert, breakfast, coffee, a place to hang out. It also draws from the city.

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                    Mashu Mashu ended up being second-rate or worse, and they just sold to a new owner. They just had their grand opening yesterday, and let's hope the new owner makes it a restaurant to be reckoned with, on the basis of food quality, rather than another all show, no go, marketing driven restaurant. Time will tell. It is owned by the son of a friend of mine, but he's really a marketing specialist who enjoys good food, rather than a cook, in terms of training.

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                  Hey Guys, La Gondola is not part of Bocca, they were just the first month and no longer. Thanks...

                2. I agree with Pat's, Jeff's, La Gondola which just moved to a new location. Delice bakery on Pico, which is very good, just opened a French Bistro next door. They have some of the best food at reasonable prices. Jean Claude the chef is excellent.

                  1. Pat's Pat's Pat's!!!
                    La Gondola is pretty good too.

                    1. Don't forget about some of the less expensive places-

                      Pico Kosher Deli (I don't eat meat but it sure smells good in there!)

                      Nagila Meating Place (next door to Nagila kosher Pizza)

                      Nathan's Hot Dogs

                      Elite Burger (my friends tell me they have great burgers)

                      There's Bibi's Warmstone Bakery next door to Jeff's where you can get good dairy/Israeli sandwiches. I love his Bagel Toasteds with feta.

                      There's also a Kosher Subway a few stores down from Jeff's.

                      There's Milk and HOney (dairy) which is a little more upscale

                      And also The Milky Way (owned by Spielberg's mom) that's also dairy and upscale.

                      These are all on Pico Blvd.


                      1. Tierra Sur is magnificent, if you can make the time to get up there.

                        In the Santa Monica-Culver City-Hollywood area, you'll be looking at Pico-Robertson kosher.

                        For nice meals, Pat's, Shiloh, Delice Bistro and La Gondola are the 4 "fancy" places.
                        For casual but different, Jeff's Gourmet Sausage (for carnivores only). Your 16-year old should enjoy it.
                        For casual but the same, Pico Kosher Deli.

                        There are lots of kosher places that look unappetizing; as a general rule, they are.

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                          Sometimes the places that look the most unappetizing have the absolute BEST fast-food (i.e. Subsational in Brooklyn, in my opinion, and this holds for non-kosher restaurants such as the iconic PINK'S Hot Dog Stand in L.A.)

                          Anyway, I believe an absolute MUST is the new FISH GRILL restaurant in MALIBU. It's a quick jaunt up PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and it's tubular, man... for sure. We were there a couple of months ago, and there was a steady procession of customers carrying surf boards up and down the steps to the surf board rental shop directly above the restaurant (and directly across the street from the beautiful Pacific Ocean!) As the restaurant (one of a chain of 4 in the L.A. area) advertises, the fish is really, really fresh and farily inexpensive. (The menu is parve, with the exception of the butter which is cholev Yisroel! In Malibu, of all places!) The other Fish Grill locations (one opened in the West L.A./Brentwood area a year or two ago) are great as well.

                          I'm sure your 16-year-old would love the Malibu experience; I believe the Chabad of Malibu may have something to do with this restaurant. Enjoy!

                          Check out http://www.fishgrill.com/home.html

                          It's a mystery to us why there isn't a similar type of restuarant anywhere in the NYC tri-state area. If there is, please let me know.

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                            About a year or two ago, there were rumblings about a Fish Grill opening on Avenue J in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, this never materialized. I ate at the Fish Grill in Malibu during Sukkos and it was the coolest.... no sukah at the restaurant but they must be hooked up to Chabad because the Rabbi had us use his sukah which was on a cliff overlooking PCH...spectacular view and the fish grill's food is simply the best for value and quality. I am also a huge Pat's fan, ditto for Jeff's Gourmet. Tierra Sur is on my list but a little out of the way distance wise requiring 3/4's of a day.

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                              Actually a place called "Fish Grill" did open on Ave J, where the pizza shop is now (a few doors up from Venezia). It had pretty much nothing in common with the ones in LA. It was like a pizza shop that happens to sell grilled fish. There was absolutely no reason to go there unless you were hungry and happened to want some fish. I recall one motzei shabbos, when Al Dente was packed to the gills and had a line to get in; across the street, Fish Grill was absolutely empty. That was when I knew it wouldn't last long, and it didn't. NY really could use a place like the LA Fish Grills, but this wasn't it.

                        2. I defintiely second the recommendations for Jeff's. We were there a few years ago, and it was truly awesome. Not much atmosphere, but it seemed to be a popular place for teenagers- could be fun for your son. We're planning another trip to LA, and are definitely going back to Jeff's. The only thing I would do differently is not order two of the same items...

                          1. I enjoy Jeff's in the city and Smokin' in the valley for unique meat meals.

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                              If You want something nice go to Pats or Shilos or La Gondola in the city.
                              Jeffs is very good sandwich-Sausage place.

                              Valley has great Sushi, and 2 nice restaraunts, Sassi and Bocca.
                              Smokin has tasty steak, not as good as the places in the city.
                              Theres also a bunch of Pizza and falafel joints along Pico.

                            2. Mashu mashu on Burbank Blvd. was sold to a new owner in the summer and it is sooo good nowl Also, it is in the valley, and they don't have to much in the valley. When I was there, a large family from the city drove up to eat there. I was truly impressed.

                              1. If you are going all the way to California, what's a couple more miles to go to Tierra Sur. Especially because it is hands down the best kosher restaurant on the continent. It beats any place in NY by a mile. The ingredients are fresher and the menu is more seasonal and creative. And, the wine tasting experience is quite exciting. Tierra Sur is delicious--don't pass up the opportunity to go.

                                Shiloh's, Jeff's, Bocca, Milk N' Honey, Shanghai Diamond Garden, Fish Grill are all very good.

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                                  We loved Sierra Tur when we went to LA in the summer.

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                                    Re Tierra, Beg to differ, small portions, salty food, overpriced, far drive (75 mins minimum from bev hills area) i was there a few times, once at a catered B'day party all agreed food was subpar. Of course there are some good items but all in all wasnt great.

                                    I think Shilos is superb, try the cowboy steak, and pats is always satisfying.