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Jun 28, 2008 05:33 PM

Rhode Island,Eggs,Bacon, Ham, Beef right at the farm

any farms like this around?We are coming for a special anniversary end of August, staying in Chepachet but will be there for 4 days so trying to fill up the time with very down to earth activities, even if I could milk some cows I would be very happy. I want to go to all the farms in the area because that makes me happy and I love to support the small farms still left in New England.

Also any cheese makers and honey makers? Also any great artist studio I should visit, I love anything glass and I collect antique commercial perfume bottles.

Thanks for any help and please have a great happy summer filled with great food. If you could please tell me how far from Chepachet and how to get there I will be indebted to you because I have Never ever been to this area.

One more thing: Is there anywhere in this area where you can have lunch or dinner right on the farm? Boy that would make the entire aniiversary trip the absolute best, I always see that show "Endless feast" and wish that I could experience something like this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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  1. For glass and art, trip over to MA and visit New Bedford.

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      tiverton and little compton would be a perfect fit.westport mass is right there too,

    2. for farm links.

      nearby putman, ct (straight shot west on rt 44) is a big antiquing town.