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Jun 28, 2008 05:23 PM

Las Vegas pizza place/Pasta salad with Chix & honey cayenne

I lived in Las Vegas YEARS ago and there was this place (I think on Flamingo) that had the best pasta salad with fried chicken, that was served with honey cayenne dressing.

Does this place still exist? Does anyone have the recipe? (I am in NJ now)

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  1. You are refering to Metro Pizza, which has several locations in Las Vegas now.

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      Does anyone have the recipe? I DREAM of this pasta salad sometimes!

    2. It's called Metro Pizza and there are a few in Las Vegas. Hope you can find one where you live but at least you can try to look up the recipe for the dressing like I'm doing. If not, I'm going to headin down there! Hope this helps:)