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Jun 28, 2008 04:27 PM

To Bayona, or not to Bayona: that is the question

I'm very torn over this Bayona decision. I've read some good, some bad and I can't decide.
Most of the bad seems to focus around the service more so than the food.
Which I'm surprised Susan Spicer hasn't caught on to the service complaints.

So, New Orleans hounds give me your opinion and/or most recent experience. You are helping make this decision for me.

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  1. I've always found the service at Bayona to be outstanding -- among the best in the city. I think you should go.

    1. Our visit, Mar, '08, found very good food, and excellent service. I assume that you found my review, though Bayona was mixed in with others. The details were in that review.

      I'd go back on the next visit, if we didn't have events stacked to the max.


      1. GO! Great food & wonderful service. My husband & I go to Bayona every time we visit N.O. & are always more than satisfied. We were last there in April '08, during FQF, & look forward to a meal, or two, during our next stay in July. Go & enjoy ;0)

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        1. re: philmaur

          Don't even hesitate. Go eat and enjoy. Susan runs a great place and the service, in the last few months that I have eaten there (4 times) has been good to great and the food, without question, has been some of the best in town.

          Some of her detractors, particularly on other boards, have, what seems to me, more than the food and service on their minds when they start complaining about Bayona. Their criticisms often seem more personal than one might expect. Never have quite figured this out, but, then again, I never cared. She's a talented chef, a good businesswoman, and extremely nice. What's not to like?

          1. re: Hadacol

            Great post; I couldn't agree more. More often than not when dining at Bayona, you'll see Susan working the room, greeting friends, repeat customers and first timers and making sure that everything is running as you'd expect.

          2. re: philmaur

            Service took a dive Sat, 6/27. Had an 8:15 res...after being repeatedly promised it's "coming up," main course had not arrived by 10:30, so we just had to cancel it. Server amazingly admitted that their attention was going toward a "very important party"making ya feel a bit like chopped livuh. Apps were good. Been several times, first incident like this... but will still go back.

          3. try the after work wine tastings and then stay for dinner. or try the weekday prix fixe
            go to the events page for details of each.

            1. Just to add to the chorus-- Though I have not been in recent years myself, a dear friend who is decidedly in the food loving category, fabulous cook, from San Francisco (won a culinary trip to town) ate all over town, loved almost everything, but was in a literal swoon over her Bayona meal, Stated it was one of the best dining experiences she'd had in a long time. Now, she was also enamored by the fact that the chef in question came to the table, chatted and then signed her cookbook...but it certainly made me want to go.