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Jun 28, 2008 04:24 PM

Litchfield County

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Litchfield County, CT? This is one part of the state I don't know much about. Thanks!

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  1. Carol Peck's Good News Cafe- Woodbury Lots of quirky preparations. Always fresh.
    Woodward House - Bethlehem New American, chef owner tries hard to please.
    Wood's BBQ Bantam Good BBQ and some Tex Mex. Next door to Bantam Cinema. No reservations. Always good and not fussy.
    Blue Bar- Litchfield Manhattan wannabe. Gets crowded with Manhattanites on weekends and trendy locals.
    Skip Carmen Anthony (Woodbury), John's Cafe (Woodbury), La Cupola (Bantam/Litchfield, West Street Grill (Litchfield)

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      OK, I haven't been to either, but I've heard some CH'ers prefer John's over Carol Peck's place. Why has no one spoken up to defend John's?

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        Carole Peck's (Woodbury) is uniformly excellent, with frequent menu changes and a thoughtful (and not overpriced) wine list. Deserves to be at the very top of the list.

        Kawasaki (Litchfield) has fabulouslty fresh sushi and sashimi.

        Anthony's (Oakville section of Watertown) for delicious New Haven-style (actually, Neapolitan style) pizza.

      2. In Torrington the Venetian on East Main St. for very good Italian in a restaurant that has been there for almost 60 years. They do a very nice job with homemade pastas. This is an Italian American place that does this type of food extremely well. You won't be disappointed.

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          I second RoyRon on the Venetian.
          We never miss an opportunity to have their outstanding Italian food.
          Most everythingthereis homemade and delicious.
          We also like West Street Grille in Litchfield which has some ofthe best sauces we've ever had grace fine meats and poultry.
          This is not a place to miss either.
          Fie and Drum is also a nice place in Kent.
          Good eating!

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            Wow, the Venetian? really? That place used to be very good, but last few times very poor preparation. Food was bland, no TLC. They DO have a great house dressing with (olive oil with crumbled blue cheese), but the Veal Parm from Stouffers would taste better.

          2. The Venetian, Las Delicias Latinas and without a doubt, Carbones for the best grinders in the state. All located in Torrington. G.W. Tavern in Washington Depot, great nightly specials like turkey supper ( West Street Grill on the green in Litchfield. The Hopkins Inn on Lake Warmaug has amazing views of the lake and a vineyard you can tour afterwards. The Boulders Inn also on the lake was amazing when I worked there, but I can't say how good it is some 20 years later. Prime is a new place in Torrington we enjoy going to every few weeks. It's been hit or miss there, but mostly hit, so I would recommend it. There's also a little restaurant in Cornwall I have heard about that has limited seating and is very hard to get into. Anyone recall the name? I hear it's very good!

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              RSVP is in West Cornwall - that's probably what you're thinking of. It has some outside dining, a sweet & tiny dining room, two dinner seatings. It's closed part of the winter. The other place I'd recommend in Litchfield county is Pastorale Bistro & Bar in Lakeville. I've posted about it a couple of times.

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                The menu, or should I say, no menu is great. They changed things this season, and there is no longer a menu. Umpteen fantastic courses though. Also, they are seating fewer this year. I think it is now 18 or less per night.

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