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Litchfield County

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Litchfield County, CT? This is one part of the state I don't know much about. Thanks!

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  1. Carol Peck's Good News Cafe- Woodbury Lots of quirky preparations. Always fresh.
    Woodward House - Bethlehem New American, chef owner tries hard to please.
    Wood's BBQ Bantam Good BBQ and some Tex Mex. Next door to Bantam Cinema. No reservations. Always good and not fussy.
    Blue Bar- Litchfield Manhattan wannabe. Gets crowded with Manhattanites on weekends and trendy locals.
    Skip Carmen Anthony (Woodbury), John's Cafe (Woodbury), La Cupola (Bantam/Litchfield, West Street Grill (Litchfield)

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      OK, I haven't been to either, but I've heard some CH'ers prefer John's over Carol Peck's place. Why has no one spoken up to defend John's?

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        Carole Peck's (Woodbury) is uniformly excellent, with frequent menu changes and a thoughtful (and not overpriced) wine list. Deserves to be at the very top of the list.

        Kawasaki (Litchfield) has fabulouslty fresh sushi and sashimi.

        Anthony's (Oakville section of Watertown) for delicious New Haven-style (actually, Neapolitan style) pizza.

      2. In Torrington the Venetian on East Main St. for very good Italian in a restaurant that has been there for almost 60 years. They do a very nice job with homemade pastas. This is an Italian American place that does this type of food extremely well. You won't be disappointed.

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          I second RoyRon on the Venetian.
          We never miss an opportunity to have their outstanding Italian food.
          Most everythingthereis homemade and delicious.
          We also like West Street Grille in Litchfield which has some ofthe best sauces we've ever had grace fine meats and poultry.
          This is not a place to miss either.
          Fie and Drum is also a nice place in Kent.
          Good eating!

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            Wow, the Venetian? really? That place used to be very good, but last few times very poor preparation. Food was bland, no TLC. They DO have a great house dressing with (olive oil with crumbled blue cheese), but the Veal Parm from Stouffers would taste better.

          2. The Venetian, Las Delicias Latinas and without a doubt, Carbones for the best grinders in the state. All located in Torrington. G.W. Tavern in Washington Depot, great nightly specials like turkey supper (www.gwtavern.com) West Street Grill on the green in Litchfield. The Hopkins Inn on Lake Warmaug has amazing views of the lake and a vineyard you can tour afterwards. The Boulders Inn also on the lake was amazing when I worked there, but I can't say how good it is some 20 years later. Prime is a new place in Torrington we enjoy going to every few weeks. It's been hit or miss there, but mostly hit, so I would recommend it. There's also a little restaurant in Cornwall I have heard about that has limited seating and is very hard to get into. Anyone recall the name? I hear it's very good!

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              RSVP is in West Cornwall - that's probably what you're thinking of. It has some outside dining, a sweet & tiny dining room, two dinner seatings. It's closed part of the winter. The other place I'd recommend in Litchfield county is Pastorale Bistro & Bar in Lakeville. I've posted about it a couple of times.

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                The menu, or should I say, no menu is great. They changed things this season, and there is no longer a menu. Umpteen fantastic courses though. Also, they are seating fewer this year. I think it is now 18 or less per night.

            2. Mamie's on Baker Road in Roxbury. Great food! Open Friday- Sunday for breakfast and lunch, dinner on Friday and Saturday.

              1. John's has a nasty habit of serving the same sad sides with all the main courses. If you order fish or beef or chicken the same potato and vegetable will appear with the protein on the plate. This is not how a quality restaurant should work, kind of lazy if you ask me.

                1. A place called "Northern Galapagos" on OLD route eight in Torrington, one of my favorite restaurants in CT. It's a Chilean joint. Right next door is Nejaim's, a Lebanese deli that is also top notch. I've been to West Street Grill, I liked it quite a lot. Bantam Bread on route 202 east of Litchfield has good EXPENSIVE stuff. I've been to Carol Peck's a couple of times.... meh. I'd rather go to "The Charcoal Chef" on route six north of Woodbury! It's a "Blue Hair" hangout. Kind of 1950ish place, the cocktails are made right, and strong!
                  The Black Rock Cafe in Thomaston is getting rave reviews from all my foodie friends.
                  Peaches and Cream on Route 202 is the best ice cream place in the State, although the "Canton Creamery" on rte 44 is pretty damn close.

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                    Pizza - Berkshire in Torrington
                    Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield
                    Italian - La Cupola in Litchfield
                    Venetian in Torrington
                    "Neighborhood" Italian, i.e. NOT fancy, basic red sauce joint, good for a no frills, inexpensive but tasty weeknight meal - Sunnyside in Torrington
                    Japanese - Fuji in Torrington
                    Mexican - Senor Pancho's in Litchfield
                    Dos Amigos in Torrington
                    Upscale - West Street Grille
                    Ecuadorian/South American - Northern Galapagos in Torrington
                    Italian Deli - Jimmy's in Torrington
                    Carbone's in Torrington
                    Breakfast - Patty's in Litchfield
                    Lunch - Berkshire Cafe in Torrington, solely for their sausage patty sandwich or grinder, that's all you need to know.

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                      Hey Magnum---
                      Are Tony's and Scapelli's still open in Torrington?
                      We used to eat there ages ago but haven't given them a thought in years.
                      Would appreciate you opinion about both -----if they are even open anymore.

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                        Hi catnip,

                        Tony's and Scarpelli's are both still open. Unfortunately, I can't offer an opinion, as I've never been to either place. I've never been inclined to go, and I know they are both institutions here in town. Same with Sheik's, never been there either.

                        On another note, a new brick oven pizza place called "da Capo", just opened a week or so ago on the Torrington road near the Litchfield/Torrington line. Been keeping my on them since I heard they were moving into the building that was previously "The Main Course" restaurant. Now that they're open, will have to give it a try.

                      2. re: MagnumWino

                        Berkshire has character, but the Pizza is greek, so I don't think so. For great Italian Pizza (no delivery) go to Anthony's on main st.

                        LaCupola is horrible - Had my daughter's graduation party there and the food was terrible, a shame since on a previous trip, the food was bad. I went to another private event there (one where I didn't pay fortunately) and the food was equally bad. So, skip it. He screws the people that write the big checks???

                        On to the good stuff - Dos Amigos, one of the best Mexican restaurants in the state, so don't miss their homemade chips and salsa.

                        Fuji has some of the best Sushi I've had, really, in my top 10 overall, top 3 in Connecticut.

                        LaMonica's - still the best hamburger in town, and great owners. It needs a face lift, but so do I.

                        Noujams has a lot of great middle easter to bring home, like humus with cummin, tabula. Avoid the grape leaves, too much leaf. Excellent Eggplant / tomato "salad"

                        Nutmeg Grill - best soups and 1/2 lb burgers, great owners. Good place to meet someone for a nice lunch.

                        1. re: fredmant

                          What is it about the Berkshire pizza that makes it "Greek". And what did you mean by "so I don't think so."

                          Can you enlighten as to what it is about the food at La Cupola that makes it "horrible"? That's a pretty strong statement. As is claiming the owner is "screwing" people. Just one person's opinion, but you could not be more off the mark with your assessment. Sounds like you've got an axe to grind.

                          Agree with you about Fuji.

                          Dos Amigos = bland. IMO Senor Panchos in Litchfield beats it hands down.

                          1. re: MagnumWino

                            I've lived in Torrington my whole life. Berkshire Pizza certainly is not Greek. It's been around forever, and it used to be the best in town but in recent years they've been plagued by inconsistency. It can still be great but it really depends on who makes the pie. It's in the tradition of other Naugatuck Valley style pizza -- reminds me of Ro's in Oakville and Daveluy's in Watertown. A medium thick crust and long cooked, concentrated tomatoey sauce (not a light, fresh sauce).

                            1. re: hink

                              hink, I know the Berk is not Greek pizza, I'm there every Friday for it. I was hoping "fredmant" would offer an explanation as to why he said it's Greek. That was a head scratcher for me.

                              1. re: MagnumWino

                                MagnumWino and Hink

                                Greek as in it's not Italian. The crust is thick, the sauce is domino grade, not great. I used to like their Chili though and I agree it's a neat place to go, but not for Pizza. I don't get the attractions, since Anthony's on Main St. is so far superior for Pizza (but stick with the pizza there, it's what's best).

                                I've got a canceled check for over $3,000 from a party I threw at La Cupola where the food was beyond disappointing. So yeah, I've got an axe to grind, 3,000 of them! If you go there for dinner for two, it's not bad (I said "bad" in the first piece,my mistake I meant "not bad"), but when I threw a party, and went to another party someone else threw, the guy cuts corners, the food is poorly prepared and he rips you off. That simple.

                                Dos Amigos? Spicy isn't the only test of a good Mexican restaurant, freshness of ingredients is more important to me. Their Salsa is amazing, as are their freshly made chips, but the shredded pork in anything is to die for. The best around. Haven't tried Senor Ponchos but I hear that is good too.

                                I forgot to mention Nutmeg on East Main, great people, great food, basic American, try the hamburger variations, but the best is their soup!

                                1. re: fredmant

                                  Clearly, we'll never agree on things. I don't think you should call a pizza "Greek" if in your opinion it's not "Italian". Greek is what you get at the North and Southend Two Guys places. Domino's grade sauce? Big difference of opinion there too. But like politics, we could argue this to death and would get nowhere. You like Anthony's, I like Berkshire.

                                  As far as LaCupola, I obviously can't speak to what happened in your case, can only speak from my many experiences there. I threw a suprise birthday party there for my wife. 85 people attended, it couldn't have been better foodwise, or service-wise. We always go to their feast of seven fishes dinner at Christmas and the once or twice a year game dinners, which are always sold out. As well as regular dinners with a group of people as well as just my wife and me. I just have a problem with the "he rips you off" comment. Why did you pay him if it was such a rip-off? Or at least have him knock the bill down? How has LaCupola been in business for 11 years if he rips people off? Full disclosure, I know the owner well. Am I biased, maybe a bit. But I've been going there long before I became friends with him. But no restaurant stays in business for that long and continues to do large parties and weddings if it rips people off. Word travels fast.

                                  In fact just this past Sunday they had an 11th anniversary, day long dinner there. $30 for food all day, wine, beer, soda, pastries, all included in the price.

                                  Again Dos Amigos is ok. I'll have to re-read my earlier post, but I didn't mean to say spicy is the true measure of a Mexican Rest. IMO the food is just bland, period. Chips and salsa are very good.

                                  In the end, just an opinion.

                                  1. re: fredmant

                                    fredmant, I just re-read my earlier post about Dos Amigos. I never mentioned "not spicy" in describing what I didn't like about Dos Amigos. I said to me the food was bland. Bland meaning lacking taste, not seasoned well enough. That doesn't mean I'm looking for the food to be spicy, just more taste.

                          2. re: MagnumWino

                            I have to disagree with you on a few of your selections. I will offer alternatives if they are available.

                            Bohemiam, pre-baked crust, pies made by 16 year old waitresses. I remember Jerry told me how he came up with an idea to save time and money by doing it this way. No alternative available I can recommend in Litchfield.

                            La Cupola just terrible tried it twice, over priced, uninspired, tasteless food. No alternative available I can recommend in Litchfield.

                            Senor Panchos: If you want gringo food, IE, flavorless tacos for $15, then this is your place. You can go to Las Delicias Latinas in Torrington.

                            West Street Grill: Used to be a fan. Now it's just over priced food made by under experienced cooks. No alternative available I can recommend in Litchfield.

                          3. re: jimpoplyr

                            We had dinner at Northern Galapagos. The food was quite good, and the service friendly. From the rather "unprofessional" website I was expecting more of a "family style" place, so was surprised by the menu which was pretty upscale. The decor left something to be desired-- kind of sterile and bright.

                            1. re: DGresh

                              jimpoplyr says it is "a Chilean joint". I don't see that there is anything on their website menu that reflects this. What can you add? Is there a Chilean influence?

                              1. re: Scargod

                                I thought it was Ecuadoran. I think the menu said "spanish influenced". They feature paella, which my husband had. I had skate which was very good. It wasn't particularly "ethnic" though. They served complementary chips and salsa to start.

                                1. re: DGresh

                                  They do have an Ecuador Sampler, quesadillas, empanadas, plantains... and the roasted pork is made Ecuadorian style. The seafood paella is made when you order it and takes 20 minutes.
                                  They have a seafood paella special on Mondays and Tuesdays and for two it is $20 (normally $11--, each. Tuesday and Wednesday is ravioli night. Friday and Saturday they are having lobster specials.
                                  You are correct; it is food with a Spanish influence. I just talked to them. I gotta check it out!

                                2. re: Scargod

                                  He's incorrect, the restaurant is owned and operated by Ecuadorians. You could even get cuy when they were located in the old Central Lunch location. The owner used to work at The Bistro in New Milford. He found after several months of serving cuy that he was alienating his white patrons and started making old standards he'd learned at Bistro. I have been to both locations several times since they've opened. I have not returned even though I live in town.

                            2. For good sandwiches and also smoked deli items Nodine's Smokehouse in Goshen is good. Only outdoor seating (like 2 picnic tables).

                              1. Carbone's is just a takeout deli, but they do have excellent overstuffed grinders and sandwiches, probably on a par with Franklin Giant Grinder in Htfd.

                                Venetian is very much overrated in my opinion. It's not bad but nothing special. Anthony's is probably a better bet.

                                Northern Galapagos is interesting and worth trying.

                                I haven't been to Prime, but it got absolutely trashed in the Hartford Courant, and I've heard bad things about it as well. I think it's owned by the people who run Pizza Palace next door, and their pizza is horrible. The crust tastes like it was made from the same dough as Wonder Bread.

                                Dos Amigos is OK but it's basically the standard, heavy, cheesy Americanized version of Mexican food that you see everywhere. Senor Pancho's in Litchfield is similar (of the 2, Dos Amigos has the better Margarita's, and that's the main reason I might visit.).
                                I haven't been to La Delicias which is a fairly new little hole in the wall Mexican place (I'm assuming it's Mexican but it may be multicultural), and these little places sometimes give you something closer to the real thing.

                                Peaches and Cream is probably the one place in Torrington (or it may be just across the Litchfield line) that I would truly put up there with the best of the best. Their ice cream is tops. It puts Cold Stone Creamery to shame, and certainly compares with Herrel's or Steve's or any of these places that are ranked among the best anywhere.

                                I agree that Hopkin's Inn on lake Waramaug is a place that should be visited for the view alone. The food has always been pretty good every time I've been there as well.

                                Da Capo is brand new place that specializes in brick oven pizza. It's a bit pricey - $18 for a large with one-topping that is not very substantial (if you take-out, the box feels so light that you wonder if they put the pizza in!). It's really excellent though. Thin crust, a delicious fresh tasting sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil on top. I would have to say that it instantaneously became the best pizza in town. It may not be the style that you're in the mood for each and every time, but it should be on your list.

                                I ate at Black Rock Cafe once and had a bad experience. It was Monday, and I'm certain that I was eating Sunday's leftovers as the butter sauce the dish was in tasted rancid.

                                If you're in Woodbury, there's a little bakery tucked in a plaza vary close to Carol Peck's called "Oven's of France". Everything there is to die for. The croissants are just amazing. I especially love the almond filled.

                                For breakfast I like Georges, or surprisingly, Northern Galapagos. Been to Patty's, not crazy about it. I hate places that can't make a basic pancake without trying to fancy it up by putting vanilla in it, and they definitely do that here.

                                The Dutch Epicure shop in Litchfield (near Patty's) has some very intersting stuff. The owner's are from Holland I believe, and like to emphasize Dutch items, but they carry many interesting things from several European countries. There are lots of great salamies, cheeses, pate's, baked goods, and things like several varieties of licorice (most very strong in flavor, some bitter, some salty, etc.).

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                                1. re: hink

                                  I appreciate your heroic effort. I do not know many of these places but sounds like you call it like it is.

                                  1. re: hink

                                    I'll second Ovens of France in Woodbury! Great pastries & croissants!!!

                                    1. re: hink

                                      Prime in it's original configuration with David (I believe his name was) as chef was quite good. After a while they changed the menu and the prices decreased, as did the quality of the food and David's passion for the restaurant. Once he left we stopped going. They closed sometime last autumn I believe to be replaced by the Package Depot.

                                      Da Capo has excellent salads and no idea how to make a pie. If you think it's the best around, I would recommend you keep looking. Roma Pizza is always better, however that's not saying a lot. Personally when I want good pie I either crank my oven up to 800, take out my starter and spend the next 3 days preparing, or I go to New Haven. However, there's several places I would go to for pizza other then Da Capo. Roma, Anthony's, Alfredo's on Winsted Road.

                                      Simone at Las Delicias is Mexican. The food there is good. Much better then Dos Amigos or Senor Panchos. Not a lot to choose from, but you can fill up on pork tacos, pazole and Jarritos for sure.

                                    2. I have been very disappointed with Da Capo. Have now been there three times and each time thought it merely OK and overpriced on some items

                                      Like Dos Amigos but really would love more authentic Mexican. There is a "dive" in Torrington I may try.
                                      Northern Galapagos is great fror weekend breakfast (unfortunately they no longer serve breakfast every day). Their basic two eggs with potatos, small juice, potatos, coffee and choose the homemade bread is a super bargain
                                      Surprised no one mentioned Sweet Peas or Chatterly's--both are a cut above the others.
                                      For Pizza--Anthony's remains my favorite ( at least if I am not in Pepe's range--and sometimes even then).
                                      I was disapointed with Berkshire and with Sunshine-- but maybe those were bad days.
                                      And as for Peaches and Cream-- it is wonderful.

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                                      1. re: ladyb

                                        Hi ladyb, what is the "dive" in Torrington you are thinking about trying?

                                        I've heard the same thing about Da Capo, just ok, but very loud inside because it's one big open room, except for the bar area. It's brick oven pizza, but the ovens are fired with gas and not wood, so I think that was a missed opportunity on their part. I still want to try it though. The place seems to be always packed whenever I drive past.

                                        I love the Berkshire as I've said here, but two weeks ago we had a pie from there and it was NOTHING like what usually comes out of their kitchen, it was bad. So I immediately thought "downhill alert". Thankfully last week it was back to the pies I love, so it may have been just an off night.

                                        1. re: MagnumWino

                                          DaCapo is busy because it's very inexpensive and the manager has the hospitality part of being a restauranteur down pat. In my opinion, the pizzas are a good representation of the thin pizza school, but pastas and mains are pretty poor quality.

                                          1. re: MagnumWino

                                            She's referring to Las Delicias Latinas I imagine.

                                            They definitely made the right move not going with wood for an oven. That's the worst heating method for cooking pies professionally imaginable. It doesn't matter what the heat source is for cooking pies. Pepe's uses coal, Modern oil, Una Pizza Napoletana wood, Johnny's gas. It's all about the right temperature, technique and ingredients. If one of these three variables is off the pizza will fail.
                                            I have tried Da Capa twice and both times the failure originates with their technique and from what I have heard since then they haven't changed anything which doesn't surprise me.
                                            The parking lot is always full. Of course, so is Applebees. You can read between the lines and figure out what that says about the majority of consumers eating around here.

                                            1. re: CindysFarmStand

                                              You don't get the extra flavor that wood smoke imparts to the pizza by using gas, obviously. Sure, it requires a fine touch, but that what it's all about. It just takes it to the next level. I wouldn't say it's the worst heating method imaginable for professionally cooked pies. It is if they don't know what they're doing. Seems to me the Neopolitans have been doing ok with it for a long time.

                                              1. re: MagnumWino

                                                I wasn't stating a matter of opinion. Wood is widely regarded to be a poor heat source amongst professionals. It's a superb choice for home ovens if you're lucky enough to have one. Personally, I have never had a pie cooked in a wood oven that can compare to a pie cooked in a coal fired oven. That's tops for me!

                                                1. re: CindysFarmStand

                                                  I was lucky enough to be at a pizza party (in New Haven, if that matters) where the host made and cooked all the pizzas himself in his own brick oven, using wood as the heat source. It was FANTASTIC. The pizzas were the best I have ever had in my whole life (and I'm no spring chicken).

                                                  1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                                                    That sounds great! Small ovens like you see at people's homes or if you travel around parts of Europe are easy to control. Using wood as a heat source is great. When you start commercially pumping out a couple of hundred pizzas an hour, wood isn't the best choice. I am just stating off facts I learned while preparing to open my own pizzeria. Wood was my first choice initially until I spoke to quite a number of professionals and oven builders.

                                          2. re: ladyb

                                            I disagree about the VENETIAN. I feel they are not like they use to be, but they are still very good in fine dining. The homemade pastas are the best that I have ever had, along with the veal chops. I also disagree about DACAPO. I have been there many times, and yes it can be loud sometimes, but I think that this is the type of restaurant that we needed in the area. This restaurant is not meant to be fine dining, it is casual, relaxing, and enjoyable. The food is very good, and the pricing is fair. About the pizza they serve, I think it is the best pizza around. The salads, and appetizers are very good as well. As far as I can tell, there are no other restaurants that compare to VENETIAN and DACAPO in Torrington.

                                            1. re: ladyb

                                              My family was pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity of food while dining at da Capo's recently. The atmosphere was pleasant and the restaurant is sparkling clean. Should you decide to dine out at da Capo's, don't forget to try their desserts, they are to die for! As far as their pizza goes, there's is the best, hands down! Enough said.

                                              1. re: lyon

                                                What about Winvian Farm? Has anyone stayed and had dinner?

                                              2. re: ladyb

                                                We liked our food at DeCapo's and loved the food at Nothern Galapagos.

                                              3. Wood's Pit BBQ and Mexican Cafe in Bantam serves up some good food, "Q" , Tex- Mex and spirits in a comfortable unfussy cafe. Bantam Cinema is next door for those who want to do Dinner and a Movie. Check out their websites for current info.

                                                1. Found this thread looking for two dinners out in mid May to celebrate our anniversary. I think that Northern Galapagos sounds nice for Friday night after we drive up (we are staying right in Litchfield), but am looking for a fancier place (not stuffy though) for Saturday night. I had seen references to Petit Syrah which looked nice, but I also seem to be seeing references that it is closed-- is that so? Any other ideas? We like inventive food, multi-cultural, and are looking for a quiet, nice-paced evening.

                                                  (I took a look at the Venetian, and while it doesn't look bad, it might be a little "old school" for us)

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                                                  1. re: DGresh

                                                    Petit Syrah is closed. For a nice meal in a great atmosphere try West Street Grill in Litchfield center. Also check out Toll Gate Hill Restaurant in Litchfield as well.



                                                    1. re: MagnumWino

                                                      I haven't been to Toll Gate Hill since Fritz owned it. The menu looks as if it might have been scaled up a bit; do you have an opinion how it compares quality-wise, ie improved, gone downhill, or about the same?

                                                      1. re: harrie

                                                        Hi harrie,
                                                        I can't answer that unfortunately. My wife and I had dinner there in Feb., which was the first time in 20+ years. I don't even know why we waited so long to get back there, it just never crossed our radar. But the atmosphere there is great and we really enjoyed our meal as well. I do remember really enjoying it our first time there all those years ago.

                                                        1. re: MagnumWino

                                                          thanks on the recommendation for West Street Grill. Are reservations necessary?

                                                          1. re: DGresh

                                                            I would definately recommend resers for West Street.

                                                            1. re: MagnumWino

                                                              I made reservations-- thanks! menu looks good, and we can walk there from where we're staying.

                                                              1. re: DGresh

                                                                Great! I'm sure you won't be disappointed....please write a review for us.

                                                                1. re: MagnumWino

                                                                  We enjoyed West Street Grill. The food was very good; we didn't find the service pretentious in any way, but it *was* rather haphazard and scattered. We must have had three different people taking orders, delivering food, etc. They put our bottle of white wine on ice around the corner, and were not very good about refilling glasses when needed, so we finally asked for it just to be put on the table. I got the wrong dessert, and they disappeared so quickly I didn't have time to ask-- it didn't *look* like the right thing, but I figured maybe I didn't know, so I took a bite and then confirmed it wasn't right. Anyway, that kind of stuff. But it was a nice vibe, lots of customers, good food.

                                                          2. re: MagnumWino

                                                            Actually, that works fine, MagnumWino -- I thnk Fritz owned Toll Gate about 20+ years ago -- at least 15 years ago, anyway. Glad you enjoyed your recent meal, and I guess we'll have to head in that direction some day soon.

                                                            1. re: harrie

                                                              I have a reservation for Saturday dinner at the Mayflower Inn in
                                                              Washington Depot. I'd be interested in Chowpeople weighing in on their opinions on the overall quality, ambiance and service as well as suggestions on what to order or what to stay away from. Thanks!

                                                              1. re: chowmensch

                                                                We ate there twice last summer.
                                                                The food was outstanding,the rservice was impeccable,and the prices were really steep----but you get what you pay for so we'll be back again this summer with smiles on our faces!(LOL)

                                                              2. re: harrie

                                                                Hi Harrie,
                                                                It was especially nice being there in the winter. The room we were in had a big fireplace wih a nice fire going, really added to the atmosphere.

                                                                1. re: MagnumWino

                                                                  The Mayflower Inn is absolutely gorgeous and service is outstanding... It is so welcoming and comfortable yet grand and regal like. I can not say the same for West Street Grill. I find it ostentatious... everyone seems so snobby and insincere.

                                                      2. @MagnumWino, are you still a La Cupola advocate? We've spent much of the summer in Litchfield County and haven't found much to get excited about, except for breakfasts at Patty's, and takeout from The Pantry, Bantam Bread, and The Dutch Epicure. (One dinner at Community Table was very good, a second was precious beyond belief.) Any specific menu suggestions if we go to La Cupola?

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                                                        1. re: tanno

                                                          La Cupola is horrendous. We were there fairly early and there was one other couple in the place. The food took forever to arrive and then was cold and congealed. The stone outside makes you think it is a classy place,but stay away. There is a better Italian just down the road towards Washington, Zini's that was pretty good. Mockingbird that was formerly Tollgate is good too, limited menu, very colonial decor, and locally sourced ingredients. Everything from Chinese dumplings to burgers and steak. Not overly priced either.