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Jun 28, 2008 04:21 PM

Restaurant between Bethesda and Silver Spring

We're going to the AT&T National next Saturday and Sunday and are looking for a nice restaurant for dinner between Bethesda and Silver Spring...no ethnic except Italian. We'd prefer good seafood or steak. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's nothing "between" Bethesda and Silver Spring, as they're basically adjacent towns along I-495.

    That said, if you want a steak, Ray's the Classic's in Silver Spring has one of the best you will ever eat.

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      That isn't quite true. The choices are limited. There is a casual Italian-Greek place on Connecticut Avenue called Manoli Canoil. Not bad, reasonable prices. The pizza is pretty good. As you come north from East-West Highway, it is on your left, about three lights up. There is a set of stores on either side of Connecticut, ending with a Starbucks.It is just before the Starbucks. Parking in the back. On the other side of Connecticut, just one light down (closer to E-W Highway) is Tavira, a Portuguese place in the basement of an office building. People give it consistently high marks.

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        Anything in Wheaton is sort of between Bethesda and Silver Spring, it depends on if you want to venture outside the beltway. If you just take EW Highway or the beltway I agree there isn't anything.

      2. There are many restaurants in Wheaton on Washingtonian mags list of value eats a
        month or so ago.Your no ethnic,except Italian reduces the list by 90%.Ray's and Tavira
        are both good choices.Most in Wheaton on W mags list have good food,many are VERY casual.We only participate in carry-out at half we have tried,just not relaxing enough for a meal ect.