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Jun 28, 2008 04:18 PM

Depuy Canal House...Worth the visit?

We will be visiting the High Falls, NY area next week and are planning on eating at the Depuy Canal House. However, we've been hearing mixed reviews and are wondering if it is worth the expense. Has anyone eaten there recently? Any other suggestions?
Thanks very much.


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  1. I ate there last fall with high expectations and much anticipation, and while it was ok, we were underwhelmed. My SO who has eaten there several times before felt it is has slipped. It is still a nice place but not the excpetional restaurant it was known as.

    While there we saw the restaurant in the cellar - Chefs on Fire - and were intrigued. A few weeks back we finally went there and enjoyed it alot. The service was a little odd...nothing too awful, it is a cozy, casual place (vs upstairs) and it also has some nice outdoor tables if you can manage to get there when it is not raining. They have woodfired pizza, sushi, and some other entrees/small dishes.

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      we ate there last year and my thoughts echoed ljnew's. if you go, get the pasta carrot reel - now THAT was a great dish.

      here's my old thoughts:

    2. Thanks for the info. Will submit a report when we return.


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        I have to agree with both of you. I came in with high expectations and left singing to myself, "is that all there is?"

        Good points...
        The food was great! Very tasty, nice presentation and adequate portions. I had the Branzino that was perfectly prepared. My SO had the pasta carrot wheel which she loved. We ate everything put before us. The atmosphere of the restaurant was just super. Old plaster walls, planked flooring that squeeked when you walked over them. Artifacts galore. Really a pleasant space to dine.
        The not so good points...
        In a word, service! When we walked in, we were ignored as waiters whisked by. There was no one to receive guests and we stood there for around 5 or 6 minutes until a bus boy asked if he could help us. We told him we had a reservation and be brought a waiter who sat us down upstairs. It was a beautiful table by the window. Unfortunately, it was quite warm. When asked if they could make it cooler, we were seated in the main dining room downstairs. The restaurant was a quite slow, especially for a Saturday night (3/4 empty). In spite of that, it seemed our waiter was never around when we needed him. Food came out rather slowly (not a bad thing) but it seemed as if the meal didn't flow. No other way to explain it. I can't say our waiter was bad, it's just that this level, we expected better service. They had other problems that night with gas and electricity as well as inadequate air conditioning. If the dining room was full, it would have been worse.
        Would I go back? Perhaps if I heard changes were made. I would also like to visit the restaurant downstairs. It was a nice meal but nothing over the top but it could have been.

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          It sounds like a typical North Fork restaurant.

      2. My husband and I were there Saturday night Aug 23 2008. Service was quite disappointing. We have not been there in a few years. They now just have a 5 course meal or ala carte. They have done away with their salad part of the meal. Our appetizers and entrees were very good. Dessert was average. I had to ask for coffee