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Jun 28, 2008 03:20 PM

Grappa in Minnesota?

Help! I want to send some good Italian grappa to two friends. But I live in California and found out I cannot order it and have it shipped to Minnesota. Can anyone tell me where I can buy Italian Grappa in Minnesota so I can have it delivered to my friends?

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  1. You're such a nice friend to persevere, despite the crazy alcohol-shipping laws in this state. Here's a recent thread on who sells grappa in the Twin Cities.

    I know I've seen grappa at Surdyk's, and they will ship.

    If price is no object, you could check with Buon Giorno. It's a high-end restaurant, deli, and wine store. I don't know if they have grappa, but I suspect that they do and that they carry only the best (and priciest). Also, I'm not sure if they'd ship, but you could call and find out.


    Surdyks Liquor and Bistro 2go
    303 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

    I Nonni
    981 sibley memorial hwy, Lilydale, MN 55118

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      Thanks! I will check out Buon Giorno's. Surdyk's seems to have only domestic grappa online, but I will call them and see if they have anything else.

    2. I mentioned in another related thread that Thomas Liquor on Grand Avenue and St. Paul has a very nice grappa with almond essence. This is the only grappa they carry, but I love it.

      Thomas Liquors
      1941 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN

      1. Haskell's lists a few Italian grappas on their website. Their very-difficult-to-navigate website, I might add. But I remember seeing some in their store, as well.


        Haskell's International Wine
        2221 Ford Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55116

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        1. re: gromit

          YAY! Finally figured out how to find them on the Haskell's site. Not exactly the ones I was hoping for--they have only Gaja and no Jacopo Poli or some of the others. But these will do just fine. I have already placed the order. And I am going to call Buon Giorno (no website) to see what they have for next time. Thanks Everyone!

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            Buon Giorno's Wine Shop has a wide selection of excellent grappas. At a price, as noted earlier. But many choices for many tastes.

            1. re: rp1760

              And they will deliver..... they do a great job!