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Jun 28, 2008 03:06 PM

Breakfast in Napa?

After yet another disappointing breakfast at Gilwoods, I'm wondering where else can I get a decent breakfast in the town of Napa? I saw that Cafe Cicero has breakfast, has anyone tried it?

The Soscol Cafe is a little too greasy but there are times when it's just what the doctor ordered.

I like Boon Fly but during the summer there are too many tourists, so I'm in a quandry....

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm a big fan of First Squeeze.

      I do like Gillwoods...though, the Napa location has disappointed me more than once...

      1. Try Alexis Baking Company (ABC). They don't do them every day, but if they have pancakes, they're always good. I also love the Mexican breakfast sandwich on their house made roll.

        1. Alexis Baking Company Cafe and Cafe on a Sunday morning where they have their best breakfast / brunch menu. The weekday menus aren't as ambitious. It can get on the crowded side, and sometimes service breaks down a bit, but the food itself is almost always awesome. Egg virtuosos, great breads, great cakes & cookies, etc. I have this embarrassing Pavlovian response to their eggs benedict. ABC is in a different league from the rest.

          I have some pics up at

          Caffe Cicero can be hit and miss. I find their breakfasts to be a bit overpriced. Sometimes you get something tasty and sometimes meh. The service can be uneven too. If you want a gutbuster diner breakfast, you can try Emmy Lou's on Imola.

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            Which Gillwoods? The one in St. Helena is OK.

            Since the sad, heartbreaking closing of Gordons, no place is as good as Alexis.

            1. re: maria lorraine

              You're right. When Iwe lived in Yountville (for over 12 years), Gordon's was like my second home. When it closed, we moved to San Francisco.

              1. re: maria lorraine

                It was the downtown Gilwoods in Napa. I like the SH one better, too.

                So do you know the status of Gordon's? I heard Leslie Rudd bought it, will it be reopening anytime soon? Maybe bob will move back?

                1. re: hulagirlgardens

                  Yes, Leslie Rudd did buy it and, originally, Sally Gordon was going to come back and run it. Evidently they ran into some permit problems and need to fix and repair a bunch of things. I periodically check in with some of my old breakfast buddies and it seems to be one delay after another. They (my breakfast buddies) occasionally see Leslie and ask him about it but now I think they're too embarassed to bring it up with him. I expect that one day it will re-open, though whether or not it will still be called Gordon's is anyones guess. If it does re-open I also expect prices will have gone up considerably and it will probably never be the same. Alas...........

              2. re: napaeats

                Have you ever had breakfast at Butter Cream Bakery on Jefferson?

                1. re: rworange

                  We've been to Buttercream Bakery a few times. We've never been to the Soscol Cafe though. Emmy Lou's doesn't have the cool retro feel like Buttercream, but we like the breakfasts a bit more. It's definitely a more blue collar crowd, and tourists and the landed gentry wouldn't be caught dead in South Napa. But as gutbuster diner breakfasts go, you can look at the average circumference of the regulars at Emmy Lous and conclude they're doing a reasonably good job.

                  1. re: napaeats

                    Thanks. I finally made it to Butter Cream last week, but for lunch, not breakfast. Will have to check out Emmy Lou's. I also poked my head into Soscol Cafe, but it didn't appeal to me at the monment. There are a few reports on the board that I may look into and see what might be good

                    Your write up is the only one I could find about it on the web

                    Emmy Lou's Diner
                    1429 W Imola Ave, Napa, CA 94559

              3. I used to live in Napa. Some of my favorite breakfast places were:

                First Squeeze: They had an amazing open face english muffin with eggs, peppers, onions, jack cheese and a huge amout of avocado. My husband loved their eggs w/chorizo

                ABC: Great lemon ricotta pancakes. The cooked to order breakfast items are better than their baked goods.

                Model Bakery: Great egg and cheese on english muffin