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Jun 28, 2008 02:56 PM

Fish & Chips (mostly fish) in Connecticut

Here in CT from Seattle. Will be visiting relatives near Old Saybrook a couple days. Looking for suggestions for great fish and chips, or fish in general along the coast anywhere from New Haven area east to Rhode Island. Thanks for all ideas.

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    1. Starting at NewHaven and proceeding eastward here are some Fish&Chips standbys:
      Lenny's Indian Head, Branford
      USS ChowderPot III, Branford (Not my favorite, but NH Advocate likes it)
      Lenny & Joes Fish Tail, Madison
      Westbrook Lobster, Clinton-Westbrook line
      Lenny & Joes Fish Tail, Westbrook
      Bill's Seafood, Westbrook
      Johnny Ad's, Old Saybrook
      Flanders Fish Market, East Lyme
      Captain Scott's Lobster Dock, New London (al fresco)
      Seahorse, Groton
      Abbott's Lobster, Noank
      Skipper's Dock, Mystic
      Sea Swirl, Mystic (Clam shack type)
      Noah's, Stonington
      Skipper's Dock, Stonington

      (There are lots more, but either I haven't been there or don't recommend them)

      1. We had to bring a car to Old Saybrook for service just last week and based on our experience there, I would start with Johnny Ads on the Post Road (RT 1) right there in OS. We had the absolute best fried clams there! We have gone to Essex, MA
        (Woodmans, the Clam Box and the Village) and Johnny Ads fried clams were over the top and a tank of gas cheaper. We had tunnel vision for the fried clams, but their menu is much broader and I would give it a try.


        1. Cove Fish Market in Stonington has the best fried fish I've ever had. Esquire included Cove's fried cod sandwich on their list of best sandwiches in America.

          1. Lenny & Joe's Fishtail, Clinton CT is one of the best seafood restaurants I have ever been to. Try their Red Birch beer and their salt potatoes for an added treat.

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              I like L&J also-- pls note that they are in Madison and Westbrook though--