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Jun 28, 2008 02:28 PM

Michael's Deli King of Prussia

My wife and I just has lunch at this long time King of Prussia fixture. i typically stay closer to home when I go for deli, Pumpernicks, in Montgomeryville is my current go to. I ordered a bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup which arrived with minutes. Missing was the chicken, noodles and tast, nothing major. For my entree, I chose an old stalwart, roast beef special. What was delivered was mush on rye. The roast beef was literally pink as in PINK. It was drowned in russian dressing and cole slaw, This was arguably the worst meal I have had in quite sometime.

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  1. I totally agree. Michaels is awful. Pumpernicks has decent deli food.

    1. Wow. I pick up sandwiches and cheesesteaks here all the time and have never had a bad experience. Have never eaten in the restaurant, maybe that makes the difference?

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      1. re: elayne5

        Uggh, the matzoh ball soup is an oily mess (I swear they use canned chicken meat) and the sandwiches are packed as high as cucumber sandwiches. Just say NO.

        1. re: FoolForFood

          lol! Sure is. I will say NO from now on, never again. You got meat in your soup? Lucky!