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Jun 28, 2008 02:18 PM

Early Dinner Before Yankees Game

Taking Wife and two sons ages 21 and 17 to Yankees game Tuesday, July 8 and looking for dinner/late lunch suggestions in Manhattan before game. Places we have already been to include John's Pizzeria, Dallas BBQ, Scruffy Duffy's, and Mrkt. Not really interested in BBQ. We would entertain most other types of food but not looking to break the bank. Boys really like steaks but I would think that might be too expensive in NYC. We like Italian, Pub Grub, Chinese, and Bistro type places. What are some of the best pubs for interesting grub like calimari, burgers, wings, etc. We also thought about trying some type of home cooking in Harlem. I know I am all over the map but we enjoy good casual places and many type of food. Any and all suggestions would be well appreciated.

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  1. Well, if you were going to do home cooking type food in Harlem, the place to go would be Charles' Southern Style Kitchen. You can get there by taking the D train, and to get to the Stadium, you are only 1 stop away on the D train to it. It's not the greatest neighborhood, but the food is great.

    1. i know you said manhattan..but if possible try the otto nove pizza on arthur ave..great pizza, and much more

      2357 Arthur Avenue (near E. 186th Street), Bronx

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        You definitely can't go wrong with Arthur Avenue, but to me, half the fun of going there is getting some great Italian goods to take with you, and if your going to the Yankee game after dinner, you can't really do that.