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Jun 28, 2008 01:36 PM

If we love Mustard's Grill, we'll also love...???

We're Los Angeles chowhounds visiting the Sonoma area next month. We are seeking great food representative of the Bay area, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and a comfortable (i.e., not stuffy) atmosphere. Last time we visited the area, we went to Mustard's Grill and really enjoyed it. We may go there again, but we are looking to visit at least one other nice restaurant during our visit. We'll be based in Sonoma but anywhere within a radius of about 45 minutes or so driving time is fine. With respect to price, we would be comfortable spending up to $30/entree. So moderately expensive is ok but not very expensive please. Thanks!

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  1. If you like Cindy's food, her two other restaurants in St. Helena are very good: Go Fish and Cindy's Backstreet Diner. But it's quite a bit further up the road from Mustard's so may be out of your radius.

    Bistro Don Giovanni has a great atmosphere out on the deck, good food and friendly crowd; and these Boards (and me) always recommend Ubuntu, which has some of the freshest vegetables around.

    1. For the grill, casual type of food, I suggest Hurley's Restaurant and Bar in Yountville and the Rutherford Grill in Rutherford (no reservations on this one and it gets pretty busy.) Ubuntu is probably as fresh as you can get and is definitely an experience, but keep in mind that it's a vegetable restaurant. I've got some terrible photos and summaries on these places over at my site if you're interested.

      1. Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen is the only place that comes to mind that is similar in tone and quality of cuisine. You know what? Bistro Don Gio fits, too,

        Hurley's and Ruth Grill aren't on the same level as Mustards, or what Mustards USED to be. Downhill alert.

        Ubuntu is exquisitely delicious, even for a carnivore like me, but totally, totally different from Mustards.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, we are going to go to Bistro Don Giovanni. Ubuntu sounds amazing, but I can't get my husband on board with the idea of eating vegetables for dinner. :)

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            It might be fun to have the cauliflower appetizer (since it's tremendous) and another appetizer at the bar at Ubuntu -- the bar is wide, and fun to sit at -- then go next door to Cole's and have a steak.

          2. My vote is for Zazu. It is in Sonoma so you don't need to trek to Napa. Reasonably priced. Wonderful (local) wine list. Very relaxed atmosphere. Great food with emphasis on seasonal ingredients...


            After reading this thread I do have to say I much prefer Zazu to Bistro Don Gionvani -- both are Italian-ish and Zazu is in Sonoma... but Bistro Don Giovanni does have a more similar vibe to Mustards, whereas Zazu is a bit more of a glorified roadhouse.

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              I took a look at the Zazu website and it looks great! Okay, I think Zazu will be our first choice and we'll also do Bistro Don Giovanni if we have time. Do you know if either place serves lunch? (We are going for a wedding weekend and I'm not sure how many dinners we'll be on our own for.)

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                From their website:

                We are open Wednesday through Sunday from 5:30 for dinner and for private parties. "Pinot and Pizza Nights" - Weds, Thurs, Sun.