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Jun 28, 2008 12:27 PM

Sunday morning bkfst question: Toast vs. Munday's

I'm going to be in Huntington early on Sunday, and I was debating between Toast & Co (which I've never been to) and Munday's (which I haven't been to for about two years or so) for breakfast (not brunch).

My preferences: I'm not into sweet, so chocolate chip pancakes or anything heavy on the syrup is out (I'm fine with pancakes and French toast, but I don't put syrup or powdered sugar on them).

Omelets are always good, or baked eggs (either usually would have the edge over pancakes for me). Not a ham or bacon eater.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I'd always choose Munday's over Toast. Something about Toast is a little pretenious for my tastes; Blue Honu crowd for breakfast while Munday's feels like the locals diner.

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    1. re: jonathankavner

      I was going to suggest the exact opposite (little late now, seeing how its past Monday). I always thought that Munday's had the worst breakfast in the village... with the Village Diner closed, Toast is our defacto spot for a good breakfast.

      1. re: dtolman

        I ended up at Toast and found it unexceptional. Fewer choices than what I'd expected for one and what I had... can't recall what it was called. A grilled bread topped with egg and what they claimed to be homemade sausage. The sausage was chopped into tiny bits and added little to the dish. The bread was chewy to the point of toughness--it had to be cut with a knife. Coffee was decent.

        1. re: dtolman

          I'm not familiar with Toast & Co. Do you know if they have a web site where I can see their menu? Thanks.

          1. re: synergy

            I never found one when I'd looked before making the OP, but had seen this:

            1. re: Scott_R

              THanks Scott. We were in Huntington last weekend & I noticed it for the 1st time & wondered about it.