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Jun 28, 2008 11:48 AM


Just moved to town and was looking for a good cupcake and/or croissant. Any suggestions?

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  1. which town? Dallas, there's Sprinkles...the nationwide chain for cupcakes. In Austin, there's Polkadots cupcakes...even better than Sprinkles, and they have alcoholic frostings (Bailey's, Kahlua..etc.)

    1. If you are in Dallas, then Sprinkles..expensive but very good with lots of frosting..Croissants...well Main Street Bakery won some contest considering croissants, but I really like La Madeline's....

      1. Again, in Dallas, you can find a great cupcake at Tart Bakery. There is a location on Lovers and Inwood or in Plano at the Shops at Legacy. My husband eats cupcakes everywhere we go, and Tart is his favorite...

        1. Sprinkles is below average - I don't know what the hype is all about. They are way too dry.

          Society Bakery on Lower Greenville - they have excellent cupcakes and other baked items.

          Society Bakery
          3426 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

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            Based on the other post by the OP, it would seem that he/she may have just moved to Houston.

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              Houston has a severe lack of good cupcake places. CRAVE was a serious disappointment last time I went...come on, who frosts red velvet cupcakes without cream cheese? If it was in there, I couldn't taste it. Sugarbaby's is pretty good, and The Cookie Jar has much better cupcakes than they have cookies. If you're looking for a great chocolate cakey dessert, check out The Chocolate Bar. If you're looking for a great dessert, regardless of what it is, get the crepes at Au Petit Paris! Good luck with your search.

          2. I would have to say after much taste testing and pant sizes later...Sprinkles provides decent banana and red velvet cupcakes mainly b/c I like their cream cheese frosting, but for superb cake composition, Society is far superior and a little less in price, chocolate and italian are my favs. They also have mini cupcakes which i love, you can just pop one in your mouth and not feel guilty!

            Oh I am also a croissant lover myself and can report confidently that my fav is still Voila in Allen. Second by Rush baker in deep ellum, but haven't been there lately b/c of distance. I have tried all the ones at whole foods, central, and main street, and even doughmonkey, voila is still the best IMO, right amount of butter and layers and dough density.

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              I'll have to get back up to viola sometime to try it again. I've only had one. It was by no means bad, but there was no crispness to the outside layers and the inner layers blended together, becoming more like a crescent roll. I do agree that the amount of butter tasted just right though.

              I have had a number of doughmonkey's and they've always been great, even late in the day.

              I would put Rush second to DM, then viola and Eatzi's and Main Street (on a good day) and all the rest I've had are pretty unneccesary.