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Jun 28, 2008 11:34 AM

Is Printon 56's froyo really the same as Forty Carrots's version?

Midtown Lunch claims that this random midtown deli sells the same brand of frozen yogurt that Bloomindale's sells at its Forty Carrots cafe:

Anyone try the fro yo at "Printon 56"? It is less of a schlep for me than bloomies is, but definitely still out of the way, so I'm wondering if it is the real deal!

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  1. Not sure where you're located, but I had the same frogurt at A Zest Cafe on Broadway between 40th and 41st Street. Just wanted to warn you that it's more expensive than Bloomies. And there's only one flavor -- plain.

    1. Yes, I've had it and it's the same. I am wholly addicted to the coffee. However, I swung by Lord and Taylor today to get some Frogurt and they do not serve it to go -- only if you eat it at their dingy cafe. What a bummer!