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Jun 28, 2008 11:14 AM

Hudson Valley restaurant recs needed Sunday/Monday

Hi all!

I've posted on Chowhound boards before, but never in my home region (I'm from Long Island). I'll be visiting Hyde Park with my mother the second week in September (Sunday through Tuesday) after having spend a few days in Cooperstown and I'm hoping for some restaurant suggestions for Sunday and Monday nights.

I have done extensive research, but it turns out that most of that has been for naught as Twist is closed Sundays and Mondays (a bitter disappointment as it would have been the perfect spot for dinner) and so is Busy Bee, which has gotten fantastic reviews. I already have dinner reservations at American Bounty on Tuesday night, so that night is out. I was thinking of maybe going into Rhinebeck for dinner, but Le Petite Bistro's website shows an extremely limited menu which I wasn't impressed with (I've no doubt it's good, but there are just too few options) and Calico's dinner hours won't work either. With a car, we won't mind travelling (though I don't know that we're going to want to drive a 1/2 hour to, say New Paltz. I don't mind, but I doubt my mother would want to do that). Beso does sound fantastic, but without an on-line menu, I can't determine if it would be worth it for the hike. Given the many restaurants that are closed on Sundays/Mondays, do you guys have any recommendation closer to Hyde Park? How far away is Tivoli? Is Madalin's Table the kind of place you go out of your way for? I guess the Eveready Diner would be a fun place, but that looks more like a breakfast/lunch spot; I'm not sure I would want to make a point of having dinner in a diner when I can do that at home.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me!

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  1. we ate at beso a couple weeks ago - the quality is good for the area, but the service isn't; it wasn't a complete knockout for us even excluding the service. everready is real good for a diner, but that doesn't sound like what you're looking for.

    i'd make the following suggestions:

    the would, highland, 5 minutes once you cross the mid-hudson bridge. old menu is at:

    artists palate, poughkeepsie (i finally went back, and my second time was MUCH better than my terrible first one).

    more casual lunch: twisted soul, poughkeepsie or apple pie bakery, cia. (


    tivoli's 30 minutes or more, depending on rush hour and where you are in hyde park (if you can avoid rte 9 and take 9g up there, it's faster).

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    1. re: bob gaj

      thanks for the tips, bob gaj! I'm going to be making a reservation for a tour of the CIA, so if we can get the 10 am one, the Apple Pie Bakery sounds like a great place for a light lunch.

      If the Eveready is considered very good for a diner, with real homemade food, I would go there. I love homestyle, homemade food -there are certain things I would never get at a diner (fancy food, fish, etc.) -and I admit that desserts/ice cream drinks sound great. I've read a lot of reviews and everyone seems to love Eveready - I keep thinking though that it would be odd to go on a trip and end up at a diner? Still, it clearly is not your usual greasy spoon. I saw that there's chicken pot pie on the menu - yumm. Meat loaf, too. I don't think I've ever had meat loaf - it sounds yummy, too.

      I've read reviews about Twisted Soul on this board - it sounds very, very interesting. I may have to convince my mother, who is not adventurous when it comes to dining out, but it sounds terrific to me.

      One place I'm looking at is Mercato - apparently the chef comes from a family who is known for homemade pastas. Pasta is about my favorite food in the world (well, all carbs are) - it sounds irresistable. I wish they had an on-line menu........!

      1. re: Betsypaige

        Hi: Mercato is lovely and worth going out of your way for. We had several non-pasta dishes all of which were excellent too.

        1. re: LJNew

          Hi LJNew

          Thanks for the Mercato comment........I'm getting hungry now! I've heard great things (actually, I've read the comments on this board) about Fraleigh's Rose Hill Farm. I'm anxious to do some apple picking (hoping early September is not too early), find some yummy apple products and basically make a nice half day of it in and around Red Hook.

        2. re: Betsypaige

          i don't know if everready is homemade food or not. i know they've got the old fashioned cherry coke, and the dishes are much better than a normal greasy spoon (for better or worse), and your mom might like it because it was on either the food network or travel channel for their diners...

          twisted soul is a standout because there's nothing like it in poughkeepsie. i suspect it might not be quite so good if it were on long island, and i'm one of the ravers about the store. your mom could definitely find something to eat (ie. soup of the day one time was gorgonzola and i think broccoli?, and the dumplings and salads are traditional stuff), but avoid the noodle dish. it wasn't that good...

          1. re: bob gaj

            Even for Long Island, Twisted Soul sounds unique. There's a lot of Italian, Chinese, Japanese and some French bistros, but hardly any other "exotic" cusines. This sounds like an interesting lunch place where we could just grab a pretty quick bite.

            I think my mother would enjoy the Eveready Diner - it just sounds like a fun kind of place and frankly, she's not the foodie that I am. I don't want to drag her consistently 30 minutes out of our way........

      2. I like portofino ristoranti in staatsburg. They are closed Mondays.

        Le Canard Restaurant in Kingston (about the same distance as Tivoli) has gotten good reviews here and is open 7 days.

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        1. re: loupeppe2

          Hi Loupeppe

          thanks for the tips! I'm going to look at these now........I think a 30-40 minute drive for dinner might be too much, unless we spend time walking around the particular towns prior to dinner. I know I want to check out Rhinebeck/Red Hook, but I will also look into Kingston...........

        2. Would you be near Kingston? Well, I would like to recommend Hickory, a barbecue place just west of Kingston on Rte 28(?)

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          1. re: chaz

            Hi Chaz

            Kingston is doable, but I'm going to try and keep to the west side of the Hudson. It doesn't really pay to continue crossing the Hudson esp. when there are such good options within 15-30 minutes of Hyde Park. If I do end up there (because half the time, I end up making last minute changes to my vacation itineraries), I will keep Hickory in mind as I adore good BBQ.

            Thus far, this is the list I have made up (minus Twist):

            AMERICAN BOUNTY –
            EVEREADY DINER
            GIGI TRATTORIA
            TWISTED SOUL

            I know Tivoli is a bit of a hike, but Madalin's Table looks really nice. I'd love to be able to take my mom there; I don't believe they accept reservations. Is that correct?

            1. re: Betsypaige

              We went to Eveready Diner yesterday, and I was disappointed.

              I've been reading here about 'perfect' omelettes, and thinking back, I can't say I've ever had one at a diner. Ever. I had breakfast for dinner, and the omelette was the usual thin thingy wrapped around some cheese. I didn't get the 'extra' cheese that I asked for. Come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER gotten the extra cheese I ask for at a diner.

              The home fries were okay, the toast was toast and the coffee was good. Oh, and the bacon was only fair.

              The others in the party had dinner (grilled seafood, chicken marsala) and they too seemed only okay.

              Not worth the drive from WP, that's for sure. Too bad, I had high hopes.

              1. re: dolores

                Further up 9 in Red Hook is the Historic Diner. We always eat there when we are up that way, homemade food, great service. Bit of a dive feel to it but in a good way. All the locals eat there. The omelets have substance not those awful ones so often served, you describe) and are always cooked as ordered.

                1. re: chowdom

                  Oh my - I think I'm going to have to do a foodie tour of the Hudson Valley at some point. I love any kind of restaurant, from the fine dining type to the divey (not a bad kind) types, and anyplace locals eat is right up my alley. Whenever I go on vacation, my restaurants choices are based on boards like this.......never from guide books. The Historic Diner sounds yummy, but it might have to wait for next time......

              2. re: Betsypaige

                I don't think it will take more than 20 minutes to Tivoli. Madalin does not take reservations, but there is never much of a wait. It is definitely worth the trip, both for food and ambience. Eveready does diner food very well. I have not been to Mercato yet but it sounds very good. You are right about Le Petit Bistro, the food is very good, but the menu is limited and the dishes are classic bistro, nothing revelatory.

                1. re: rrems

                  Glad to hear Tivoli isn't too far away; in any case, these should make for nice drives. Mercato........Madalin's Table. I'm glad I have a couple of months to decide! I have no doubt that Le Petit Bistro is very good, so I hope I didn't offend with my comment. I love French food fact, I begged for some bistro type restaurants to open on Long Island because it seemed that everything was Italian. This may be a fall back if we don't feel like driving to Beso on Monday night........

                  1. re: Betsypaige

                    By the way, were any of the places we saw on the way to the Eveready Diner any good? I didn't realize CIA is right on that road, have they encouraged other equally good restaurants to spring up?

                    I know there were lots of cars at an Italian and steak house (can't remember the names) on Route 9. We also passed the Daily Planet on the way, and if I recall correctly, I liked the Daily Planet.

                    Reason for question: the guy who lives near Eveready isn't adventurous and doesn't like to drive to lower Westchester.