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Jun 28, 2008 10:52 AM

any hints for great food in breckenridge colorado

i will be in colorado from 7/5-13 and wanted some ideas of good places there and in the surrounding area

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Breck:
      cafe alpine
      the cellar

      ski tip
      alpenglow stube
      the ranch

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      1. re: alpine chef

        The cellar is very expensive for not much food. Of the three you mention, Cafe Alpine is good. The tapas bar is better than the restaurant.

        I'll give you my story from The Cellar this summer: We were seated in the upstairs back with an indifferent waiter who made us wait and wait just to order wine while he snapped pictures for the large table next to us. Not that big of a deal as service overall is very uneven in most resort towns (they don't make enough money to be able to live here!)

        Their wine list is obnoxiously over-priced, and the most reasonable wines are all mostly Colorado wines, which I'd avoid at all costs. And I love my state, don't get me wrong, but I'm not paying $42 for a Colorado Syrah.

        We ordered a $55 bottle of wine, which was probably one of the cheaper bottles but I was familiar with the vineyard.

        The waiter came back with a bottle, but it wasn't the wine we ordered. He said to me "We just sold the wine you ordered but this wine is the same varietal, and it's an $85 bottle of wine but the manager has (oh so graciously) allowed me to sell it to you for... $70!!

        Rather than gush about how the manager was SO GENEROUS to offer the bottle that he pays probably $38-40 for at a lousy $15 off, not even matching the price of the bottle we ordered, I asked for the wine list back.

        And what do you know, I found a bottle that I had overlooked that was $35! I was psyched because I know the wine as well, and it was not a total rip off. I ordered it.

        AND GUESS WHAT? The cloying waiter came back a minute later with the original bottle, saying "you'd not believe it but I just found your bottle!!!"

        I felt like I was baited and switched, and then when I ordered a bottle that was cheaper than the original, suddenly the mid-priced one showed up.

        This in addition to plates that took longer for the waiter to explain (the origin of the four grape tomatoes sitting on our 12" platter), yet cost $10. Tuna 'two ways' cost $19 if I'm not mistaken and was about a 1/4 cup of tuna on each side of again a large platter. I guess we were paying for the beautiful artwork of drizzle.

        This place used to be good. And while it's unique, don't go there hungry. It's one of the better atmospheres, but I'd go there for their flights of wine and dessert and sit in the window box and giggle at the people who are walking out the door with $200 less in their wallets and talking about walking to Cold Stone to fill up.

      2. Just in Breckenridge last month. Try Kenosha BBQ.

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        1. re: guod

          Only if you want to have a drink on the deck. The food is not good. For example: This summer I had jalapeno poppers on the deck: They were fried balls of cheese with, I kid you not, a raspberry type of dipping sauce, and the cheese was some kind of spicy white goo. We also had the artichoke dip, and it came with toasted chunks of buttered (yes, buttered) bread. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

        2. Try Samplings in Frisco. Great food and wine and sister restaurant of the cellar. Jersey Boys Pizza in Dillon has good pizza if you're missing some NY style pizza and cheese steak.

          1. I recently had dinner at Modis and liked it a lot. Cafe Alpine is a classic. I've heard good things about both Relish and Samplings but have eaten at neither.

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            1. re: ClaireWalter

              P.S. If you like French classics (onion soup, scargots, beef bourguinon, tarte tatin, etc.), I've heard good things about Le Petit Paris. Fairly new. Just off Main Street. Haven't been there either, so this is another pass-along.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                i dined there in early jan. the chef used to be the exec up at top of the world and their sous was the sous at pierre's (now relish, and he was also at relish for a while when they opened)... i understand both have left. the night we dined the food was ok.... i was really craving a steak frites and it was middle of the road.

                1. re: alpine chef

                  You've got a lot more recent info than I, Alpine Chef. Some Breckenridgians I know thought that Le Petit Paris was very fine, but that might have been when the original chef and sous-chef were there. Or maybe they just didn't have the steak frites :-)

                  1. re: ClaireWalter

                    Sadly Le Petit Paris was seized by the Feds this summer for non-payment of taxes. I don't suspect a new one will be open. Too bad as this was an up-and-coming good restaurant.

              2. re: ClaireWalter

                Modis is hit-and-miss. This is the old Horseshoe II, and it's vastly better, but it is very very pricey. It is a great place for a drink and the wine list is pretty good. For appetizers, the tuna is good, but if you have it, it's the exact same (sadly) as the entree with just larger servings. Do NOT eat the antipasti. It's unpleasant to look at, and even worse to taste. I think it was supposed to harken back to the owner's Serbian roots. Ick.

                I've had really poor meals there where the fish was undercooked and the tuna at another time mushy. Then other times I've been really surprised. The desserts are worth skipping.

                My personal favorite in Breck is South Ridge. If you can stand the noise, the food beats everyone hands down for value and taste.