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Jun 28, 2008 09:57 AM

Smart Lidz

Hey Hound

So I'm sitting here watching FTV. Or more accurately, I'm watching Giada's.....well, you get the idea.

Anyhoooooo... on comes Chef Tony hocking these things called "Smart Lidz" and they actually look pretty good. They're basically a rim with a "Space aged polymer" that you just put on top of a bowl or something, push down to release air and the vacuum you've created seals and keeps it sealed.
Now, most of the time you see Ron or Kathy or Billy shilling it's for a piece of garbage. These however seem like they have potential.

Has anyone bought/used these??
Are they worth it??


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  1. I saw that same commercial and had the same question about them. I was also curious about how easy it is to store something in the fridge with a large lid hanging over the edge. I hope someone out there bought these and can let us know!

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      I just googled the term Smart Lidz and I did not have far to go to see "Does it work?" type reviews. Try that.

      And does it works? seems not

    2. Bed, Bath & Beyond carries them- at least then if you don't like them they can return them easily. I didn't really look at them, as ironically I hadn't seen the commercial/infomercial at the time; but I plan on checking them them out a next time I'm at BBB.

      1. They are similar ti a new product called FreshVac. I have been testing FreshVac at home this week and so far they are good. The Smart Lidz are a bit more versatile, fitting more containers. The FreshVacs are designed to be a complete unit top and bottom fitting together. I like the FreshVac, but I have a Food Saver and it has cannisters, boxes etc. that having either of the others is redundant. If you don't have a Food Saver and need to keep squashable products like berries or breads then it might work for you. I really don't need either.

        Ironically I just saw the commercial as I was readinmg your post. I'd not heard of them prior.

        1. "I'm watching Giada's.....well, you get the idea."

          ya typical guy he sees something and thinks it is an accomplishment he saw it