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Jun 28, 2008 09:52 AM

What is your fave Take Out option lately?

As it gets hotter I feel like staying out of the kitchen more and more, but I'm not finding any great take out options. With all the food in this City I think I might be overlooking some places.

If you didn't want to cook and didn't feel like sitting in a restaurant for a meal- what would be your go-to place? I'm near Bayou St. John - but nothing is too far a drive in the GNO area.

Last night we had Mona's. I'm sick of chinese and po'boys. Are there any hidden gems I'm missing?

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  1. go to Canseco Market on Esplanade. their chef is doing some great to-go dishes.
    close to you in Coco Hut on Bayou Rd. for Jamaican jerk chicken and fish.
    also call Arabesque on Carrollton to see if they do take-out.
    and both of the Tacquerias on Carollton, near Venezia's do great Hispanic food.

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    1. re: edible complex

      SEE, I knew somebody would have a good answer- Coco Hut is just what I was overlooking!

      I have to admit that I don't go to Canseco because I feel like I would be dissing Terranova's- I'm going to have to get over that

      I hear Arabesque is open for lunch now- so I'm going to give it a test run soon

      1. re: edible complex

        I second both Canseco's and Coco Hut. Canseco's makes a mean cuban sandwich. Also, Don't forget McHardy's. It is great fried chicken at a reasonable price.

      2. Go to Filipe's on S. Miro (across from Elio's) on Wednesday, which is 2 for 1 Margarita nite. Order 2 frozen's while waiting for your order to be filled (be sure to bring someone with you). This is a cute Mexican restaurant which is super inexpensive.

        1. Terranova's doesn;t sell cooked food, they wouldn't mind.

          Little Tokyo on Carrollton is also good for take out.
          Lebanon Cafe on Carrollton

          Juan's Flying Burito mid city
          Mandina's they have a lot more besides po/poor boy sandwiches

          I believe any restaurant will let you order to go, I was hostess at Ruth's Chris in the early 90's on Broad St and people ordered food to go often....

          Edited to add, I believe Juan's and mandina's have an online menu

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          1. re: Suzy Wong

            Definitely try Coco Hut. I went a couple weeks back for a to-go order, had the jerk fish and rice and peas with salad.

            The chalkboard out front always lists their current specials.

            Also, Taqueria Guerrero has excellent taco combos. Three overstuffed soft corn shells with your meat of choice, fresh pico and a spicy cilantro sauce on the side for about $8.

            I'm a regular at Juan's midcity as well. They do a brisk takeout business.

            Asian Pacific Cafe offers take-out too. Try the udon noodles, "Asian Pacific Roll" (salmon with mango and pineapple salsa), or "creamy mermaids" (prawn with cream cheese in a flash fried wonton wrapper). Any of their sushi is fresh-fresh and the owners are super friendly.

            1. re: TulaneJeff

              There's now another option in Mid City for Jamaican/Carribean - Boswell's has returned and is now on the 3500 block of Tulane Ave. The food is excellent.

              1. re: Chris Martel

                this is great news! is the store open too?

                1. re: edible complex

                  They have some shelves with food items (hot sauce, jerk seasoning, etc) for sale. When I was there it looked like they were still working on getting more stock.

                  There is also a latin grocery store across the street.

                  1. re: Chris Martel

                    kewl...hope they stock some meat patties and calaloo.