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Jun 28, 2008 09:39 AM

Harbour Sixty Steakhouse, Toronto - BAD exp!

I only had time for one good meal out while visiting Toronto this week, and that turned to be at Harbour Sixty. 1 1/2 hours to get apps and my medium rare filet was decidedly medium. You'd think these prices, the steaks would be cooked correctly! Some of the apps and sides were good, but hardly made up for the wait or the overcooked steaks. Although there was a good view of the CN Tower from the outside courtyard and they did give us a free tasting plate of desserts to make up for being so slow (dessert was served 3-3 1/2 hours after we arrived). The desserts were OK, but just typical heavy, clumsy steakhouse fare.

The wine list had a very interesting selection, but based on the few bottles I recognized from my own cellar, they are marked up a ridiculous 400%. I don't know what is typical in Canadian restaurants, but that is highway robbery here in Boston. We ended up going with a single bottle of Duoro for the 3 of us, which was nice, but at $72 was one of the cheapest things on the list. $100/person (since I refused to buy any more wine at those prices).

Sorry to give a bad report. Should have checked this board first!

Boston, MA

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  1. We consider it highway robbery here too!
    It's a place for expense account booze hounds before a hockey game.
    I hope you will come back because there are a number of restos trying to do a good job, unfortunately very few if any steak houses make the grade here.

    1. The last time I got ripped off there, at least the steak was properly done. As mentioned, it's targeted at the expense account crowd and they really soak you on the alcohol. Avoid unless you are being entertained by someone on an expense account.

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      1. re: Aardvark

        That would be good advice for all steak houses in Toronto.

      2. Sorry you ended up there. H60 is truly offensive in so many ways.

        Do come back for: dim sum in one our Chinatowns, the flavours of Kensington market, and other good things we have.

        1. I'm so sorry, Kevin, that your one opportunity to eat here was H60. Although someone on here will probably come to its defence, most people regard it, quite rightly, as a clip joint. Please, come back for some real chow.

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          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            Well, since I WAS on an expense account, I guess I didn't feel as bad as I could have!


          2. The original comment has been removed