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Jun 28, 2008 09:25 AM

Pasadena: cheapish, deliciousish, different?

I'm thinking of going to a movie in Pasadena tonight and blanking on a good place to try. Daisy Mint? I would prefer under $30 per person, ethnic if possible but mainly must be really good, not a pale imitation of what you would get in Hollywood or elsewhere. Or someplace with good beer and decent food.

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  1. I second Daisy Mint, I LOVE it! Get the daisy noodles for sure, but I would stay away from the salmon wraps not too impressive!

    1. I'll second Daisy Mint - Daisy Noodles are a must, we love the soups, if they have a pumpkin or squash curry they very good - also excellent chicken sate (moist and flavorful). Also really like the Daisy salmon. And their tea offerings are marvelous (okay, I'm not a tea snob or even tea knowledgeable, and rarely order tea at other places, but their teas are really, really good).

      On a completely different track, there's always Fredo's on Lake for some salivation-worthy cheesesteaks. Or one of the much raved about Mexican establishments (Tonny's on Orange Grove just west of Lake?).

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        At Tonny's the carnitas, pork ribs, etc., are noteworthy, but don't forget to wash it all down with a delicious fresca. It's a small place and can fill up quickly, so on a Saturday night I'd try to arrive early.

        Fredo's is the place to get a great steak sandwich to go -- no doubt, the best cheesesteak in the West.

        1. Curious to know where you ended up - I'm always on the lookout for something tasty in that vicinity.

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            Actually somehow we ended up at the Village Idiot on Melrose, so we didn't find a new Pasadena place. But we do also like Tonny's, mentioned above.

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              A 2nd for Aun Deli Cafe. Organic, healthy. The owner is a recent transplant from Japan where she cooked also. She doesn't have too much competition from other Japanese rest because her menu is different than most US.Japanese rests.