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Jun 28, 2008 08:36 AM

Syndicated "News of the Weird" Column Reports on Nose-to-Tail Restos

It strikes me as neither particularly weird or newsworthy, but, nonetheless, Chuck Shepard's "News of the Weird" — a syndicated column that runs in more than 250 North American newspapers — leads this week with a story on chefs and restaurants that specialize in offal, replete with uncredited quotes from whole-beast luminaries Fergus Henderson and Chris Cosentino.

Found this interesting, as well as vaguely disappointing.

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  1. Huh! I've always enjoyed "News of the Weird," so I agree...that IS disappointing!

    My mom has always had a saying about people who didn't seem to understand that food might come from anyplace but the grocery store and might appear in any form other than boxed, bottled, or microwaveable: "It appears they've never been off the pavement."

    I'm constantly amazed at how far people's understanding of nutrition and subsistence has fallen from the realm of reality and practicality. I've heard people on television and radio speak of gardening as if it's for freaks or rich people who don't have jobs, refer to canning and freezing as "lost" food preservation techniques, etc. Same with the nose-to-tail concept. The only way that I can conceive of this being a "weird" concept is for someone whose recent generations of family includes absolutely no immigration or borderline poverty.